How To Invite People To A Party & Fill The Room!

I can guarantee that you will have 16-21 people in attendance at your parties when you….  use ALL resources to reach out to guests!

That includes real hard copy mailed in the mail invitations and a personal phone invitation!

7 People Do Not Make A Party

A recent article that I read on getting people to the parties indicated that after doing EVERYTHING possible to invite people to the show there were still only 7 in attendance.

The host invited people by the following techniques:

  • Evites
  • Facebook Messages
  • Facebook Event
  • Text
  • Personal Conversation Out And About

That is certainly NOT using ALL resources available to invite people to a party.

What about hard copy invitations and a real conversation or voicemail message using the phone?

How To Invite People To A Party!

Invite People To A PartyMy experience is that the best way to invite people to a party is using a three contact system of hostess coaching.

Yes, using all technologies is key but I have found that within a system of 3 calls as well as 3 post cards to the hostess from the consultant and then enhanced by all the other technology gets the best results.

Technology alone does not cut it!

It is true that different people are more comfortable communicating in different ways and yet a party, any party not just a direct sales party, has the best attendance when ALL systems are utilized.

Encouraging the host to use the hard copy invitations along with all the above mentioned systems as well as a phone call with a personal invitation works best.

Whether they do it or not is then up to them but I can pretty much guarantee that the hostesses who DO USE ALL technologies to reach out to their multi-personality friends will have 16-21 in attendance.

I belong to a monthly group of pot luck friends and when it is my turn to host people always say ‘why do your parties always have the biggest attendance?’ –

  • Reason: I use ALL technologies including phone call reminders and post cards.

If you do not ask your hostess to invite people to the party using calls, post cards and technology, they won’t, so it is up to YOU the consultant to set the expectation!

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