Hostess Coaching Online Parties

Online parties can be just as successful as LIVE parties and like the live event – hostess coaching is the key to success!!

Do you host coach your Facebook parties?

Hostess coaching is the backbone of your party plan business!

Whether it be a live show, a catalog show, a fundraiser event or the virtual party – host coaching can be the difference between a great show and a pitiful event!!

Guiding Online Parties

Depending on how you know the hostess a selfie is always a great place to start!

Sales is about connections and emotions so reminding your hostess and her friends of your relationship is a great way to kick off the event.

If you met her/him at a live event or offline you could do a selfie of you and the hostess then when you set up the event pin it to the top of the party page for all to see as you start inviting your guests!

Host Coaching Is The Same

Even though your host is holding an online event that does not mean you only communicate virtually! Just like your live shows a phone call is in order very soon after it is scheduled.


I recommend that you follow the regular 3 phone call contact system for hostesses of all types of parties and make small tweaks for the online party.

Differences In Online Parties

Make these additions or changes for a virtual party and use the template for calling your hosts in the 3 contact system.

Tell your host to:

  • Invite people individually, not as a group invite! It is easy to copy and paste this message quickly into the direct message box and individually invite each guest:

I am excited about MyFantasticCompany Facebook party and really want you to come! You will love it! From the comfort of your living room, we can all have some fun!!

[Date and Time]  My consultant is MsFantasticConsultant and she has games and prizes lined up too!

Give your hostess the exact words to copy and paste and the exact instructions where and how to do it! Be sure to tell them WHY they should do it individually!

It is more personal and believable that she really does want them there!

  • Post a welcome message on the event wall. This is a good time to use the selfie. Give her the image and ask her to introduce you to the group.
  • Stay engaged: You and the hostess must meet and greet all the attendees.
  • One or two days before the event, text, call or DM all the yeses, nos and maybes, as well as the no replies. Remind them that you really want them there if there is any way possible to attend.
  • Post a picture of you (the hostess) using a product.
  • If guests can’t make it ask them to RSVP ‘maybe’ so they can follow the updates.
  • Plan to arrive 15 minutes earlier than the start time and please stay for the entire time!
  • On the morning of the event send an individual DM or email to all the RSVPers.
  • Pay attention and jot down the attendees that arrive in the first part of the event then text or DM those who said they were coming and are not in yet. A simple: “will you be able to make the party?”

So, when I say use the full 3 contact hostess coaching system for your online party I am serious!

The best events even use post card invitations for the guests and snail mail reminders for the hostess too.

You CAN have $1000 online parties when you put the effort out!


    Shared by: Melissa:

    Have not done online party, never been exactly sure of what to do, why and how. Lol. Thanks for the tips. And definitely NEVER group invite.

    Shared by: Karla Decramer:

    I’m not a big fan of online events – too impersonal. But if asked to do one, I’ll do it!

    Shared by: rina valan:

    Another great article on hostess coaching! Text invites that you customize for every host also works–the key is to make sure the host texts each guest individually (like you said, never invite as a ‘group’ )

    Shared by: Pamela Elliott:

    I’ve never held a successful online event so will be following these tips scrupulously. Then I WILL be successful.

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