Party Plan Hostess Pack Checklist

The Cash Flow Show party plan sales training program that this site is named after talks all about how to put together your party plan hostess packs.

Since I have received several requests this week for a list of what I recommend, I have created this short checklist.

Keep Party Plan Hostess Pack Simple!

Don’t make your hostess pack too overwhelming for the host!

Whether you put it in a plain envelope or create some kind of fancy bag make sure that the contents are easy for you to explain during hostess coaching and appealing to the hostess so that she actually reads the material.

Party Plan Hostess Pack

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If you put too much information into your party plan hostess packet, the hostess won’t read it. 

These guidelines may be changed based on your product line, company and way of doing business.

  • 40 Pre-Printed Invitations: Some people mail the invitations out for the host, but at the very least you should print the info on them so that they do not need to write them out!
  • Think Of 40 People Flier: Most likely your company provides one, but if not you can print a top 40 list here.
  • Have $1000 Show Flier: This is basically a hostess letter with an overview of how to have a $1000 show. It is included in the party plan sales training program we offer on this site.
  • Hostess Benefits Flier: Your company will have this well-organized for you and hopefully it includes a wish list as well for your hostess.
  • Host Monthly Specials
  • Guest Monthly Specials
  • 3 Catalogs w/ Order Forms: Don’t be stingy with the catalogs.  Give them a minimum of 3 catalogs (ask them how many they want) and each one should have a minimum of 3 order forms!
  • Opportunity Information: Use something your company offers but don’t overdo it!

Why Low Guest Sales Keep it simple!!

When you make your first hostess coaching call, ask them to get the party plan hostess pack and go over it with them one flier at a time.

The Cash Flow Show party plan sales training is a program that will maximize your income at every home party!


    Shared by: alyce glass claiborne:

    Great info!!!!

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Glad to hear that everyone has some take aways… Take action on one or two at a time then build from there!!

    Shared by: alyce glass claiborne:

    I love the point that every month is special!! So true!!

    Shared by: Julie:

    You have given Jordan Essentials consultants amazing tips and tricks! Now I must put them to great use!

    Shared by: Julie:

    Thanks for reminding us to utilize the tools that Jordan Essentials has available to us! The system is there because it works! For me, I think hearing you put it into words and adding human touch to the stack of papers makes it seem doable!

    Shared by: Edie Wilde:

    Dear Deb,
    Thank you for spending time with we Jordan Essentials Consultants the past few weeks. I so appreciate some of your great reminders, especially for some of us who are “old timers”, and demonstrating that sometimes what works simply never changes and to keep on, keeping on, with those tried and true methods!

    Shared by: Teresa Brooker:

    This is great, especially after the JE conference call last night. This really helps it all fit together and really make sense. Thanks so much.

    Shared by: Margaret:

    I never quite knew for sure what all I should include. Thank you. Love the training!

    PS I’m on Phyllis’ team. 🙂

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Glad it helped….
      Not sure why it took me so long to create the checklist – I guess I just assumed that each company did so!

    Shared by: Kerianne Giguere:

    Great information! I’m on Phyllis’s team.

    Shared by: Jesse Locklear:

    Love this info! I am on Phyllis’s team.

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