2 Tips: Reduce Show Cancellations

The secret to reduce show cancellations is staying in contact with your hostess.

Home Party Plan Hostess Contact

Hostess coaching is the act of teaching your host how to have a successful show. Reduce Show Cancellations

All hosts want to have a great show.

The Direct Sales Association has reported that surveys of party plan hosts have indicated that show hosts DO want more contact from their consultants which is just the opposite of what most consultants think.

Stay Connected For Good Customer Service

It is good customer service to provide host coaching so that all your hosts have terrific shows.

Stay in touch with your hostess and teach them how to have a $1000 show!

When you use these tips to coach your host to success you will reduce cancellations and increase sales.

Constant Contact Reduces Cancellation

Cancellations are often thought of as the bane of home party plan.

Without host coaching, cancellations in the neighborhood of 60 percent are not unusual.

Good host coaching can capture a significant number of guests who might otherwise have been on the fence about attending.

Tips To Reduce Show Cancellations

  • Insist that the hostess uses a written list!

Don’t allow the host to simply remember who has been invited.

Insist that the host prepare a list, or better yet a database of every person invited and each point of contact before the event.

While reviewing the list, the host and her or his friends will often think of additional people to invite. As the party date approaches, ask to see the list and help the host update it as necessary.

  • Broadcast the Party Invitations

It’s never enough for the host to haphazardly email a few friends and relatives and expect them to pass the word around.

Coach the host to use all media available to maintain contact and penetrate the client base. Advise the host to call ahead with a personal invitation then send real invitations by snail mail, email, phone calls and even personal visits. Remind the host to use the talents of everyone involved in the party to get the word out.
The rep and the host should work that list together until every name has confirmed.

Ask the host to make one last reminder call to each invitee the day before the party.

Bring A Guest To The Home Show And Get A FREE Gift

reduce hostess cancellationHelp the host reduce cancellations by sweetening the deal with a gift.

Provide small samples of the product or a coupon for a major discount for the host to include in mailed or in-person invitations. For many people it can be hard to refuse a free gift and such enticements can facilitate their decision to attend.

Leverage Guests’ Relationships

Another good way to reduce home party plan cancellations is to ask the host to consider each guest’s relationship with the others on the list. The host should ask some of them to contact the others they know to carpool or just inquire about attending. And make sure that the host knows that all her or his friends are welcome to invite people not yet on the list. Tell everyone bring a guest to the show and get a FREE gift. Saying over and over again!

Put a good host coaching system into place and it can reduce home party plan cancellations by a big margin and give a needed boost for more successful sales.


    Shared by: Tracy Hoch:

    Thank You for the great call! I learned some great ideas such as sending out post cards to what to say to guest to get a date from them at a show. I sometimes have a hard time with this. I believe this will help me out a lot! Thank you !

    Shared by: Renee Hagan:

    Deb, I loved the call on hostess coaching. It has really helped me focus on specific ways to coach my hostesses. I have already started using some of the suggestions, and feel more confident in my coaching than I did before the call. Thank you.
    Renee Hagan
    Hope’s Thirty One

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