Make Every Host A Repeat Host!

Every host should be a repeat host!

Make Every Host A Repeat Host

Four things must to come together to turn every party into an annual event.

  1. FUN! If the party is not fun, then bookings will be non-existent!
  2. Make your hostess feel like a queen! Treat your hostess really well!
  3. Make sure that the show perks are awesome and she has a huge hostess benefit package!
  4. Finally, make sure s/he and everyone else in the room knows it!

Rebook Every Party Host

The fun factor and the benefit package are up to you!!

Do your job in hostess coaching for a great crowd then keep the show fast-paced, full of laughter and fun, informative and create desire for the products so that everyone has a great time and the host package is awesome!

Not only do you have to host coach each and every party prior to the event to the highest levels possible it is also important to remember that host coaching continues at the party itself!

Public compliments to the host are part of what I call hostess coaching at the show.
When you praise the host during the show you are making her look good (she feels like the queen of the party) in front of her friends while at the same time telling the audience that if Mary can do it, so can YOU!

Examples are:

  • I want to congratulate Mary for getting such a large crowd!! Didn’t she do a great job!!
  • Didn’t Mary do a great job setting this up?
  • WOW! Mary already has 7 orders before we even start! She already earned the XYZ FREE!
  • I had a great time tonight, let’s give Mary a round of applause!!
  • Isn’t this FUN!¬† We should do this again!

Provided you have created a fun environment for the guests and coached your host to a high benefit level then the only thing that is left is to make sure she knows it!!

Point out to her throughout your engagement how lucky she is and how great the event was.

When she knows that her friends had fun, she was honored and the benefit package is impressive she will surely become one of your repeat hosts annually!!

  • Isn’t this fun?!
  • Wow! I hope you had as much fun as I did!
  • You are an awesome host!
  • What a beautiful job you did entertaining!
  • Our guests LOVED your snacks!
  • Your friends had a great time!
  • Your host benefit package is one of the best this month!
  • We make a great team!
  • I had a great time tonight, we should team up more often!

When you DO have a fun party, host coach your host to the highest levels, treat your hostess like a queen and point it out to the host as well as the audience you will also get tons of bookings from the party!

I don’t recommend asking a repeat host to re-book every 6 months because you will burn out the circle of friends and the host. If she goes to 4-6 parties over the next 6 months she would surely cancel her own, so ask for annual repeat hosting.

Mary, this was a great party – you really did an awesome job making it happen and your guests had a great evening!

Should we make it an annual event? Let’s pick a date¬† now for next year!

A happy host is always a repeat host!

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