Do Selfies With Your Host!

When you book a party at a show, take a selfie of you and your new host!
You may ask why?!

Hostess Selfies

There are a lot of things you could do with a selfie of you and your future hostess, most of which fall under the category of hostess coaching.

  • Use it in a Facebook event as a promotional photo
  • Print it on card stock and send it to your hostess as a thank you note
  • Put it in the hostess packet to remind her of the fun she had at the show
  • Text a selfie to her/him with a thank you for booking or other reminder

Taking multiple selfies with your hostess will give you more than one use for the pictures!

You could also take selfies of potential hosts who never picked a date…. then text it to them as a reminder to schedule their party!

Don’t be selfish with your selfies!

We all take an occasional selfie but the selfie taker who leverages photos for business really has the technology down!

Please share YOUR selfie ideas in the comments below!


    Shared by: Gwen Cleck:

    What a great idea! A photo album could be kept with all your hostesses to show how fun a show can be.

    Shared by: Angie Chapman:

    I love this idea! I already send handwritten thank you cards to all my guests and hostesses, but what a fun way to show how much fun Jordan Essentials partie are! OOOoooohhh…and would be a great way to show before\after for the face care too!

    Shared by: Jill Rogers:

    Love the selfie idea….will work well for my JE business!!

    Shared by: Jeannine Murphy:

    I love the selfie idea. Plus it makes great memories of JE experience.

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Yes, it reminds them why they scheduled a show and that you are friends!

    Shared by: Tessa:

    Excellent thing to do with your customers/hostesses!

    Shared by: Phyllis O'Neill:

    I LOVE the Hostess Selfies idea! What a great way to market your business without breaking any rules your company might have in place. Brilliant idea, Deb!!

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Thanks, Phyllis – Let’s tap into the mobile frenzy! Right?!

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