Always Explain The Reason Why!

Kids ask ‘why?’ all the time but adults rarely do.

When you tell your hostesses the reason why you want them to do something you will get better results.

Tell Them The Reason Why

The Reason Why You will become more effective at hostess coaching when you make it a habit of telling your host why you are asking them to do something.

Below are 3 examples of how to explain the reason why:

  • Please try to think of 40 people to invite to our show.

When we invite 40 people to our show half will say yes, then the day of the show we will end up with 16-21 in attendance which is the perfect number.

  • Our goal is 8-10 orders before I arrive!

When we have orders before the show it guarantees that you have great benefits. When our show attendance is high the extra orders will boost you up to the next level. If something happens that prevents a good attendance then 8-10 orders will mean you still have a good show!

  • Give everyone a reminder phone call a couple days before the show.

A reminder phone call to everyone will make a huge impact on the number of guests who come! Call the yeses because they may have said yes last week then this week may forget, call the no’s and the maybes because if their plans have changed and they know you really want them to come they will.

Explain Why To Improve Coaching Results!

When you tell your hostess (or consultants) why you are asking them to do something you will greatly increase the odds that they will actually do it!

When talking to adults they rarely ask you why but if you told them why then there is a better chance that they will do what you are asking.


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