Top 40 List: 100 People You’ve Known

Every new direct seller is told to write a list of the top 40 people to contact about their new business.

It is a proven system of reaching out to everyone you know as you launch your new business.

I like to say “write down the top 100 people you’ve known since kindergarten”!

Either way you get the point!

The Top 40 List

Whether you are talking about the top 40 list as an exercise for your hostess or to launch your business, you should use a form to jog your memory.

A recent student in the Direct Sales Bookings University which is part of the Cash Flow Show direct selling training Club said:

I’m going through the DSBU part 4.  It is very enlightening.  Thank you again; your training is great.

I would like to request your Top Forty List form.  I know that you have it broken down in different categories of people.   I believe yours is better than the one my company has. I was planning on using the one the company provides but may find yours more useful.  Thanks, Joan

Actually, Joan’s email made me realize that I do not have a specific form for the top 40 list.

The Cash Flow Show party plan sales training system does include a spreadsheet that would be used as a memory jogger.

I have also created a graphic for this purpose for corporate clients who are starting a new direct sales company of their own.

Sample Top 40 List

This is an example of a top 40 list that was created for the back of the host flier for a corporate client. The finished product included a decorative graphic background as well.
Top 40 List

Print The Full Sized Image Here
This particular top 40 list was created for a new company that sells electronic cigarettes.

If you work with jewelry, cosmetics, makeup or cooking tools, just add the appropriate categories to your chart.

Contact Deb To Have One Made For You!

Inviting everyone you have known since kindergarten to host a show, come to your launch party or become a consultant is a great exercise for the consultant and one you should encourage every host to participate in.

Actually writing down the top 40 list allows you to think of more!

Don’t just keep it in your head and don’t let your hostesses do so either!

Use the form the home office gave you and coach your hostesses to start writing down names.

If you would like a customized form for your personal business just send us an email:


    Shared by: Candice Millsap:

    I love this post, how it breaks up the list is VERY manageable categories! I love the idea of thinking back to kindergarten! Thank you so much for the ideas!
    *referred here by Phyllis O’Neal from her Thirty One team!

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