Tips From The Top: Andrea Waltz

Andrea Waltz is co-author of the best selling book Go For No.….

“Yes is your destination and no is your path!”

Andrea and Richard Fenton have written several books for direct sellers including the Go For No series of training offered in many formats and the Million Dollar Year book.

I love her quick tip below because like all of Andrea’s and Richard’s training it aligns with my own teaching style.

Andrea Waltz’s Quick Tip

Andrea WaltzPeople tell us all of the time that they want to ‘go for no’ but still have a lot of fear.

Well, you don’t get over the fear but you do learn you can survive it, little by little.

And once you do, your confidence grows and the fear diminishes.

One of my fears has always been that I feel like I’m being ‘judged’ by others.

Then I came across a quote from the main character of fictional book who happened to have some Rules for Living.

One of them was: “No one is thinking about you. They are thinking about themselves just like you are.” Andrea Waltz

I realized that I was making a such a big deal out of what other people thought of me and the truth was, they really aren’t – at least not for very long!

For me, getting over that has been one of the most freeing things!

It has helped me to create so many more opportunities in my life.

~Andrea Waltz

Visit Go For No and learn more about Andrea.

Thanks, Andrea!

Like you Andrea, when I learned that “it is none of my da** business what other people think of me”  it was liberating!


    Shared by: Jenni Stricklin:

    That is so true and probably the #1 stumbling block we all face, thanks for that reminder!

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