Angela Cossey, Intimo Success Story

Angela Cossey was a accomplished New Zealand Army veteran, who was first introduced to direct selling and Intimo when she was invited to a party as a ‘tag along friend.’

Reluctantly she went and it changed her life forever!

Angela Cossey, Intimo

She decided to first go for a bra fitting and bought a very practical sports bra (being the army girl that she was) AND also booked her own party.

After her first party she hosted one every few months and became her consultant’s best hostess!!

Angela Cossey Shares

Angela Cossey guest bloggerI’m a huge fan of Dory from Finding Nemo, and as I watch the movie with my kids, I’m amazed at how many wonderful life messages there are in Disney movies.

To me the relationship with Dory and Marven represents the internal struggles between the successful champion and self-critic we all have within us.

When I was contemplating how I would go about stepping away from my full-time job to becoming a full-time direct selling consultant, my internal conflict radar went from dormant to warp factor 4!

Sweaty palms, heart racing and thinking: what I am doing?!

Am I really prepared to leave my safe army life which pays me well each and every fortnight to do party plan?!

Then add in the negative critic of well-meaning friends and family who worry both for your sanity and your financial ability to look after your family..…

It’s a wonder anyone moves to full-time direct seller at all.

Reach For Dreams

direct selling successIn the movie Finding Nemo, Malven is the realist: he’s sensible, methodical, works hard for a living and likes to keep his fins close to the coral.

It’s his unassuming friend with a 3-second memory who through her persistence, willingness to learn and not afraid to fail attitude that helps Malven reach new personal heights and achieve his goal of finding his son.

Don’t let the fear of falling prevent you from the thrill of soaring!

When you’re contemplating moving from part-time to full-time entrepreneur – tap into all of the success that is around you: your well-established company, successful consultants in your company, your sponsor and your upline.

Seek Success Clues

Success leaves clues, so have the courage to seek out the guidance and support you need, ask for what you are looking for and make a plan to succeed!

Too often we (women in particular), have a tendency to overthink things to a point of paralysis.

There are two military sayings that I love:

  • “fortune favors the brave”
  • “he who dares wins”

Both of these mottoes inspire courage within – not in the absence of fear, but because of it. Courage comes when we face our fears and do it anyway.

Through action, fear diminishes and our comfort circle grows. When you find yourself ‘thinking’ too much … listen to your heart and take action.

Angela Cossey’s Tips For The Switch

If you’re at the crossroads and want to start a home party business full-time, here are a few tips that I have found worked well for me:
Direct Sales Radio

  • Attend all training provided by both your company and sponsor where possible
  • Sign up to an online course, mentoring program or invest in direct selling books, CDs and DVDs
  • Study your business plan and work out how to get where you want to go in the time frame you want
  • Increase your bookings activity
  • Lead by example and ensure you are hitting balance with bookings, sales AND sponsoring
  • Tap into all the great training Deb provides on the Cash Flow Show website and the home business radio show!
  • Be prepared to miss your target once in a while – this is how you’ll learn, by readjusting and aiming again
  • REWARD yourself when you make incremental improvements in your performance
  •  Be like Dory … and just keep swimming!

Remember – Martin Luther King, Jr. said ‘I HAVE A DREAM’ … he didn’t say I have a strategic plan.

Follow your dream!

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