Barefoot Books Rep Shares Passion

Our guest on this segment of the Cash Flow Show – Home Business Radio, Rebekah Gienapp shared how the Barefoot Books convention gave her the ability to harness her passion and set goals that actually happen!

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Rebekah Gienapp’s Goals

Rebekah used the passion generated by attending conference to create a laser focus on a goal that she was passionate about. Your goals should be specific and personal enough that they tap into your heartstrings.

Like a SMART goal the more personal it is the better chance you will attain it!

Only conducting 1 home party (in her entire direct sales career) before conference, she came home and launched a party plan schedule that allowed her to earn an income that would pay for her entire family’s vacation the following year!

When she started reaching out to her leads she was surprised at how receptive they were.

If they did not have an interest in scheduling a party she invited them to a show in her home so that they could see how fun they were. After attending, most would end up booking a party!
Not only did Rebekah earn the family vacation, she also earned a free trip to France with Barefoot Books.

Visit Rebekah Gienapp at her website:

Other things that Rebekah gained from conference included relationships with other consultants and leaders with whom she could collaborate throughout the year.

Networking with fellow consultants multiplies your results tremendously!


    Shared by: Dena Davis:

    Way to go, Rebekah! So wonderful collaborating with you and winning trips to France, too! Oohlala! You inspire me! 🙂

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