Bloom Where You Are Planted

A very good friend of mine, Jeanie Larson, used to tell me to “Bloom Where You Are Planted“.

At the time, years ago, I did not understand what she meant but have come to have a very clear understanding of the concept.

Bloom Where You Are Planted” means enjoy what you are doing now.

Enjoy the process of growing your business and achieving your goals!Bloom Where You Are Planted

Enjoy the process of life’s activities!

I see it all the time: people in direct sales who do not enjoy the process of building the business!

We see people in life all the time who are just not enjoying their lives!

At the grocery store or at seminars… people who just want to get on with things and be somewhere else.

Actually, my Dad was a lot like this….. everything was better in retrospect!

I took him with me on one of the incentive trips that I earned with my company and he seemed to be having a miserable time.

Then, when he told all the friends and family about the activities after the fact he was so happy and excited.

I wondered why couldn’t he enjoy it while it was happening?

Bloom Where You Are Planted

overcoming home business challenges is a natural course of action for success!

There are always day-to-day challenges and issues. No matter what happens, time will pass.

The trip will be over, the goal will be met or the party will end.

Enjoy each moment in the process!

Time will pass whether you are having fun or not!

Enjoy the process of growing your business and you will experience less stress and more peace of mind!

Enjoy The Process!

When you enjoy the moment and the process of every activity, life will be a lot more fun!

I am heading over to the grocery store and I love to go there!

It is so easy to impact lives at the grocery store because everyone is so miserable to start with!

My mission is to have fun and make people happier!

Bloom Where You Are Planted” – Enjoy The Process!

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