Delegating Tasks At Team Meeting

One of the biggest mistakes that direct sales team leaders make is trying to conduct, present and run the entire team meeting themselves without delegating tasks!

Delegate Tasks Based on Sales Team Personality

Everyone on your sales team has a different personality and therefore can bring something unique to the meeting.
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The obvious ways to delegate are the basic functions that have to happen at every meeting such as:

  • Greeter: Delegate this out to the social, outgoing, happy, enthusiastic person who just loves people and makes everyone feel good.
  • Secretarial Duties or Note Taking: Obviously the person who is focused and meticulous should be the one for the job.
  • Photographer: Someone with an eye for the fun, like the greeter this person is outgoing.
  • The List Person: Someone who is persistent and determined should be making the list of who is going to bring what to the next meeting.

Delegate Training Topics

In addition to the humdrum and routine duties, the direct sales training topics can also be delegated.
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As a matter of fact it is essential that they get delegated. A leader who presents every topic at every meeting is doomed to poor meeting attendance!

Your team will just plain get tired of listening to you!

Divide your meeting up into 3-4 short (20 minute) workshops and have a different presenter for each one.

If  you would like more information on this concept, then read the 4 part series of articles discussing team meeting planning.

With a variety of speakers at your meeting, ranging from the newbie to the outside expert in short succinct topics, your team will be attentive and return meeting after meeting.

Delegating Tasks To Best Recruiter

You probably have a direct sales recruiting expert on your team.

That person should be in charge of sharing your business opportunity with all the visitors.

Teach your team that the greeter should immediately introduce the visitors to the “delegated” recruiter. Then the recruiter does not push the opportunity on them but becomes their friends and works the magic that they do best!

Team meetings are a collaborative effort and the more the leaders delegates the more the team will learn!

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