Tip From Diane Prince

Diane Prince, is the VP of Corporate Sales at Sugarwish, a women-led online candy gifting company.

Diane serves as a “wo-mentor” at the Jewish Vocational Services, volunteers to speak in Los Angeles high school classrooms for Youth Business Alliance and is a pitch coach at the Women Founders Network.

Diane Prince’s Tip From The Top

Stop being so complicated and start simplifying your life!
Diane Prince

Direct sales is a business of systems.

What is really fun about our business model is that while you are guided to operate within proven systems that work, you are free to use your own personality to implement those systems!

I like to teach women to streamline their lives.

Our minds want to re-invent, but working within proven systems actually allows us more freedom.  When we are forced to become creative within a structure it creates an environment for personal creativity.

In other words, when you know the steps that you need to follow in your business, you can then complete them with your own fabulous personality and style!

I love the direct sales party business.

Where else do we get to have fun meeting other women while earning an extra cash flow for ourselves and our families?

Remember, the beauty of direct sales is that you get to have unlimited earning potential while working around the hours that you want…  not many jobs offer you the chance to sleep late or wait to go to work after you feed the kids!

By keeping yourself focused, you can be that one consultant about whom everyone thinks, “If only I could be like her!”
Diane Prince
The truth is that girl has been where you are now.

It is focus and determination that got her to where she wanted to be, and you can get there too!

Use the systems your company gives you with your own style and finesse!

Diane Prince
VP of Corporate Sales, Sugarwish

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