Lisa Nichols: No Matter What!

Lisa Nichols is the author of the best selling book, No Matter What!  She is a shining example of how anyone can succeed in changing her or his life!

I asked Lisa to share a Tip From The Top for our series and she sent the short tips below and this excerpt of an event that she and I collaborated on a couple of years ago.

Lisa achieved her dream and goals to show the world that an African-American woman of not-a-great background can create a best-selling book and a $17 million book publishing deal.

Tip From Lisa Nichols: No Matter What!”

When you say “no matter what” you will change the playing field!

This is a 16 minute excerpt of a past event.

You are the cream that rises to the top! When you make a decision to succeed no matter what, you WILL rise to the top!

Create a no matter what mindset by:

  • Developing your understanding muscle
  • Stop saying why me?
  • Think about who you would become if you answered every why you ever asked
  • Ask better questions
  • Understand that success is not an option
  • Learn how to stop that toxic mind chatter
  • Develop your take action muscle

I am that girl, the one just like you!Lisa Nichols

Each of us can succeed when you use your story as a platform to stand on rather than an excuse!

You too can learn what NOT to do!

Lisa Nichols,
Motivating The Masses!

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