Tips From Elizabeth McCormick

Elizabeth McCormick (believe it or not) is a US Army Black Hawk pilot and a direct sales keynote speaker!

As a decorated pilot and officer Elizabeth obviously lives an action packed life and she transfers that same excitement into her speaking events!

Tips From The Top: Elizabeth McCormick

Elizabeth McCormickWhether you’ve been in the industry 20 minutes or 20 years  your direct sales business requires nurturing to grow.

As you’re building a team, you may have discovered that it is a lot easier to recruit for yourself than to inspire others to recruit.
We are in an all volunteer business with our teams.

So how can we effect change in others? How do you change the way they think, feel, and act about sponsoring in their direct sales business?

Your team sponsoring starts with your example:

  • Are you setting the example with your sponsoring?
  • Are you exuding passion in your business?  For your company?
  • Are you visible in your community and industry?
  • Are you smiling? Happy?
  • Do you have a GOAL of yourself with a BIG TEAM?  Promoting up with your company?  Are you sharing that GOAL with others?  Your family? Your customers?  Your team?
  • Are you creating expectations in the team members you have?  Are you communicating those clearly so they understand?

Team Sponsoring

Put out an expectation that they are expected to bring in ONE new person every year.Elizabeth McCormick

Imagine, one new person every year from every person on your team!

What would that do for your team?

You would double within one year, double AGAIN the next year, and be developing future leaders, all the while exploding your business.

Even if you’re starting with only yourself and wishing you had a team right now,  you can do this while recruiting more yourself.

Start every new recruit off with the expectation of bringing in at least one new person to start their team!

You can do this and so can they!

Elizabeth McCormick, Your Inspirational Speaker

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