Direct Sales Is A Family Business – You’ll Love This!

A perfect family business –  party plan consultants shared some of their work at home experiences on our Facebook wall that involved the whole family!

I love these!

Cats, dogs and kids: everyone works a family business!

Party Plan Is A REAL Family Business!

Each  picture’s credits are below the image. Enjoy!

work a family business
Clever Container with Brenda Smith said:
I was sorting papers with our Document Boxes and Fluffy just had to get in the box even though she barely fit! lol

Family Business
Janene Ruffin Bryant shared:
They were supposed to be taking pictures to start an Instagram account for the business, however it became all about selfies. Need I say, they ate the jerky afterwards, lol

work a family business
Lauren Kelly saying:
This is my daughter when she was a baby using the new Close To My Heart “Picture My Life” kit.

work a family business
Judy Leska said:
This is my grandson, showing off the cheesecake that he made.

Work At Home Business
Deana Farrell told us:
Each of my children get a turn picking the winner of any monthly drawing I have. My son is using a Thirty-One mini zipper pouch with personalization CER (Celebrate Encourage Reward) filled with the entries and holding up the 3 winning customers’ tickets!

working family business
Claire Ulmer Standish‘s dog gets in the family business too:
This is Gracie looking thru the just-released Spring/Summer catalog from Paperly! She LOVES Paperly’s personalized clipboard, and is using it to take notes on what she’d like to order!

working family business
Sandy Kreps of Scentsy and Velata told us:
This is my daughter napping with her Scentsy Buddy today.

I love it!!


    Shared by: Claire Standish:

    Such a great post! I always look forward to reading your blog! Thanks, Deb, for including our sweet sheltie Gracie. She’s a little full of herself right now since she’s made the big-time! 🙂

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Thanks everyone for sharing your images on the Facebook post and commenting here too…

      It is heart warming, isn’t it!!

    Shared by: Judy:

    Awesome post, and so very true! When you have a home business, everyone gets involved in it in one form or another.
    It’s also great to see how proud the grand kids are when they are able to make something themselves that everyone is raving about!

    Shared by: Lauren:

    Very cute! I love that my kids can get enjoyment out of my Close To My Heart products too. That we can make beautiful gifts / cards to share with others.

    Shared by: Sandy Kreps:

    This post made me smile. So sweet!

    Shared by: Brenda Smith:

    Love this! So fun seeing everyone’s products in their everyday life! 🙂

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