Take A Break To Give Yourself A Raise!

In direct sales it is often said that you can give yourself a raise anytime you want by doing more parties, contacting more people, working more hours or working harder in general.

While this is true, it is often not quite so easy. Oftentimes direct sellers become overwhelmed with the work and stop enjoying the process.

Give Yourself A Raise

If you want a raise it is true that working harder, longer, doing more parties and investing in your business will result in an increase in commission, but it does not happen overnight!

Creating your ideal schedule  to generate that raise takes time. What you do today will affect your business the most three months down the line. So, like a real job, you must put the effort out before you get the raise!
Growing your business is like growing a garden. Put the time and effort in now and it does pay off at harvest time but often a home business owner becomes impatient, needy or a sense of urgency takes over.

Working from home, you are alone during your work day and often the frenzy to give yourself that raise causes you to skip meals, or not take that daily walk, or not go to the gym…..

We just don’t know when to ‘go home’ you might say!

Many feel that they cannot take the time off from their business because they NEED to make more money!

That frantic need can prevent you from getting that raise!

Take A Break To Give Yourself A Raise!

When you allow your mind (and body) to take a break from work you will be more effective in the office or on the job!

Whether we are talking about a full vacation, a morning workout or an afternoon break, time off will make you a better employee. Many savvy corporations are starting to realize the increased value employees have when they take a break.  They no longer allow employees to skip lunch or take vacation cash instead of time off!

You are your own employee and your best business asset is your health and wellbeing!!

Your brain needs to recharge! Even a quick lunch – out of the office – followed by a quick walk before going back to work will make you a more productive WAH-er.

Give yourself a raise!!!

Take a break and when you get back you will realize how much less stress and more clarity, inspiration and motivation you have.

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