Tips From The Top: Hakki Ozmorali

I have known Hakki Ozmorali for several years now and always enjoy reading the Direct Sales Consultancy Newsletter with topics covering many aspects of the world of direct selling.

I love reading the international news and direct sales trends that set his email news apart from all the other online reading I subscribe to!

Hakki OzmoraliWe have collaborated on many projects and he has been a guest on the Cash Flow Show Radio.

Quote From Hakki Ozmorali – Direct Sales Consultancy

When I was a product manager working for an FMCG* company, I would definitely never have believed it if someone had told me that in a few years’ time, I would lead the first international network marketing company’s expansion to Turkey.

I was only 32 when I took on this responsibility and had no direct selling industry experience at all at that time. After my first hesitant steps I managed this company for five years and made it a real success by all standards.

The truth is that we can never predict what the future will look like.

  • It’s all about believing in yourself and pursuing your dreams, so don’t ever give up!

Hakki Ozmorali, DS ConsultancyThroughout my career, this has always been so.

Hakki Ozmorali – Direct Sales Consultancy

Learn more about Hakki at the Direct Sales Consultancy.

*An FMCG company is one that sells fast moving goods.  Similar to those found in a retail store, they include many items that are produced and consumed quickly. Anything from groceries, medicines or small electronics, as opposed to appliances or furniture.

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