Overcome Home Business Challenges: Commit!

Last week I hiked to Sunfish Pond. The trail head is located at the unlikely place of the rest area off route 80 at the Delaware Water Gap.

I have hiked to Sunfish Pond almost every March for the past 20 years.

Home Based Business Challenges

The weather at this time of year in the Poconos can range from a warm sunny spring day to a blizzard with everything in between.

Today was cool, windy and wet with lots of water rolling down the mountain from recent rains. 

Hiking from the Delaware River to Sunfish Pond is an all-uphill hike 4.5 miles through the Worthington National Forest on the New Jersey side of the Gap.

Home Based Business Challenges Similar To Life!

Hiking up to Sunfish Pond has its challenges, since it is uphill all the way.
sunfish pond
The scenery is gorgeous and yet sometimes when I take someone with me on the hike they do not have the ability to enjoy the journey because they are too focused on the challenge.

I often think when hiking up to Sunfish Pond that the trip is similar to overcoming home business challenges.

It Is Up Hill All The Way!

Many home business owners do not stay committed to their goals. They quit before reaching the “top”.

The vision of reaching Sunfish Pond is a lofty goal that many do not stay committed to.

Last year my hiking companion turned back after walking uphill for an hour.

She become discouraged as we crossed a waterfall generated by winter melt that was crossing the trail, and quit before reaching the top.

Another year my hiking companion complained the whole way up the hill.

It is basically a 4.5 hour hike uphill and he complained the entire way.

I wanted to say “what part of uphill all the way did you not understand?”

Uphill Business Challenges Sunfish PondSometimes when hiking up to this natural historic site, just like in business, the trail levels off and it seems like the going will get easier but around another corner it starts uphill again.

Oftentimes you must problem-solve the best course of action.

Which rock to step on to cross a stream? Or is it better to take the leafy trail or the rocky version?

Sometimes you must overcome your fears.

Signs are warning you of bears and giving you advice on what to do in the event of seeing one. (Bang pots together or make noise!)  Hiking, like working from home, requires overcoming your fears.

home based business challengesBelieve it or not, this year I saw a coyote.

That really did instill some fearful thoughts into a few minutes of my journey. (I had never seen a wild coyote in my life.)

My experience with taking along other hikers is that most people cannot enjoy the process.

They tend to focus on the work rather than the benefits.

Just like when running your home based business you must enjoy the process or not bother doing it.

I enjoy seeing wildlife, green ferns, lichen on trees, the rushing waterfalls and more. Business can be thrilling too!

Home Based Business Never Easy

There are many great rewards in staying committed to your home based business.

Like hiking to Sunfish Pond, even after reaching your goals and achieving success it doesn’t get any easier. 

As a matter of fact, many fail after they think that they have reached their goals because they do not stay focused.

Did you know that more people die coming down after summitting Mt. Everest than do on the ascent?!

I doubt if anyone ever died returning from Sunfish Pond and yet we cannot dilly-dally after reaching the glorious goal.

The return trip is equally long and treacherous. A quick snack and a couple of pictures is all that there is time for, as darkness is approaching.

One year someone who insisted on joining me on the trek nearly did not make it down. I had deep concerns about her ability to continue, but of course there were no options except to keep on.

Walking downhill has as many challenges as walking uphill. The rocks slip more and it is definitely harder on your knees.

Starting A Home Based Business Is Simple

home business simple goalsLike walking to the glacial Sunfish Pond, starting a home based business is simple.

One step in front of the other is all it takes to achieve your goals.

Simple yes, but easy no!

If it was that easy, there would be 1000s of people and a mini-market at Sunfish Pond.

If it was that easy, then EVERYONE would have a home based business.

Hiking to Sunfish Pond and starting a home based business take a willingness to do the work, go the extra mile, stay focused and enjoy the process!


    Shared by: Norma:

    Thanks Deb – really needed this right now. Love the comparisons.

    Shared by: Dawn DeSario:

    Thank you for sharing! That was a great metaphor for starting your home business! I remember the time I “walked uphill the both ways” at the Flume Gorge in NH. I have to say I had the same experience as your friends, it was a great challenge and I was not sure that I could make it. Thank God I was with people who believed in me more than I believed in myself! I made it, and Loved it! I learned a great lesson about team work and support. The power of believing in others even when they don’t believe in themselves, can transform a person. I am thankful for the experience of being on the giving and receiving end of team support and I am a better team leader for it!! Wow, hiking can teach us a lot about our home based businesses!! 🙂

    Shared by: Karen Orem:

    I really enjoyed this article. Thanks for pointing out feelings one may encounter as they or others on their team start their business. Bringing them to light makes you realize you’re not alone and that these are normal feelings that can be overcome. Of course, I loved the New Jersey aspect of it, as I grew up there. Thanks Deb!

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Thanks, Karen – People never think of NJ when they think of the outdoors or at least they rarely associate NJ with beautiful scenery but actually there is really a lot of great outdoor activities and spaces in NJ! Yup! Hiking can teach us a lot about our home business. We should get OUT more!

    Shared by: Deborah Owens:

    @ Mary my thoughts exactly

    Shared by: mary rettig:

    Loved it. Very pretty area. Made me think about my home business and my challenges.Need to spend less time focus on my fears and more on my business to enjoy the journy.

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