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Julie Anne Jones is a direct sales corporate consultant, coach, and trainer.

We have met several times at industry events. I have found her to be a sincere advocate of direct selling. Thank you for sharing your personal tip from the top, Julie!

Julie Anne Jones TipsJulie Anne is known for her authentic easy-to-use scripts. She specializes in specific systems, word choices, and tools for direct sales success.

Julie Anne Jones Shares

Most of the business training I’ve taken has taught me to focus clearly on myself and my own business goals.

While I completely agree that planning and goal setting are an essential part of any business, I have a different perspective (probably because I’ve worked in direct sales for the better part of 15 years).

I’ve found that when I focus on giving and on what I can do to support others to get what they want, I always get everything I’ve ever hoped for as a result.

It’s one of the reasons why I love the direct sales industry.

The only way to find true success as a direct seller is by helping others achieve their dreams. It’s a mindset shift that can impact your entire life and certainly positively affect your direct sales business.

Figure out “what’s in it for them” when you’re booking a party, sharing your products, or offering your sponsoring opportunity.

Julie Ann Jones
Work with your customers to make sure they get the perfect products for them and invest in that relationship with them so you can offer support on an ongoing basis. Be conscious of how to support your host in getting everything she possibly can.

Focus with clarity on helping your team members achieve their dreams. Then watch what happens in your own business. It’s a pretty magical formula and one that’s worked for me in every aspect of my life and business.

Make it a great day!
Julie Anne Jones, Julie Anne Jones, Inc.

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