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Julie Ziglar Norman, whose Dad is Zig Ziglar, was one of the first to reply when I sent out an email to industry professionals asking for a unique quote to share on the Cash Flow Show ongoing Tips From The Top series.

I can really relate to her quote!
Julie Ziglar NormanI have a VERY similar story.

I stopped drinking over 25 years and started out with a situation that was almost the same as Julie’s.

I thought it was someone else’s problem!

I love her quote….

Quote From Julie Ziglar Norman

“The truth, though it may be rejected initially, stays with the one who has heard it.”

I’ll always be grateful to an ex-boss who cared enough to tell me I had a problem with alcohol.
julie ziglar norman
I didn’t believe him when he told me, but when I was ready to face that truth his words came to mind and played a huge part in making it possible for me to get the help I needed to overcome my alcoholism.

Julie Ziglar Norman

Read Julie Ziglar Norman’s story about her process of coming to terms with the truth.

Visit Julie Ziglar Norman’s website!

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    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    Thanks for sharing that, Jenni –
    It had been 28 years of clean living for me that has kept me on the good road!

    Shared by: Jenni Stricklin:

    I read her story and I can truly relate to it how she began drinking to endure his behavior. We have been in recovery together since our daughter was 3 months old My husband got his 6 yr chip for alcoholism tonight! She just turned 7 last week! I thank God for the program of AA and Al-Anon and Celebrate Recovery.

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