Longevity In Business Is A Strength

Martha Isenberg, a tea consultant with Tealightful for over eight years, is our guest on this Cash Flow Show – Home Business Radio broadcast as we discuss longevity in business.

Her commitment to her tea business has proven to be a strength that fuels her passion for tea and creates income during retirement!

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Tips Longevity In Business

Longevity does not happen by accident!
longevity in business
Martha Isenberg shared these direct sales tips for longevity in business.

  1. There will be cancellations. They happen to everyone so take them in stride, overbook, be flexible and use the scheduled party time to do other business activities rather than taking the day off.
  2. Participate in training. Use every event that the company offers. Stay in contact with your group online if you cannot make the live events and join networking groups.
  3. Listen to the Cash Flow Show! It is free and I have picked up a wealth of knowledge over the years!
  4. Set goals and take action!

Martha Isenberg – Tealightful Tea

Martha Isenberg
You have to really love something before you can sell it….

No products sell themselves so don’t expect them to. Sales takes effort and your passion is what sells the products when you take action!

Martha Isenberg, Tealightful Tea

Martha Isenberg retired from 28 years as a nutrition educator with the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service.  She feels that Tealightful Tea is the perfect retirement business for her as it enables her to stay active by sharing her love of tea with others while educating them on healthy beverage choices.

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