Lyndsey Baigent: On Natural Talents

Lyndsey Baigent will be our guest this week (Live Wednesday 4/8) on the Cash Flow Show – Direct Sales Radio. The show airs everyday for 2 weeks. (4/8/15 through 4/21/15).

Australia’s party plan expert, Lyndsey Baigent teaches direct sellers how to use their natural gifts and talents to grow their business.

A Tip From Lyndsey Baigent

Lyndsey Baigent

People often misunderstand the difference between natural gifts and acquired skills.

  • Gifts: Gifts are our unconscious brilliance – things that come naturally to us.
  • Skills: Skills on the other hand are things that people teach us or that we learn through life experiences.

Put your focus on learning skills that enhance your gifts.

When you operate with 80% of your time using your gifts and enhance them with 20% of your time learning skills that complement them you will be far more productive.

Stop hitting your head against the wall by trying to learn skills that do not match your natural talents.

We all have 3 types of gifts.

  1. Primary Gifts: Your primary gifts are what you do naturally. Encouragement is the most common one in the direct sales industry.
  2. Secondary Gifts: These are gifts that you can study and improve on to enhance your primary gifts. Your secondary gifts can make your primary gifts stronger.
  3. Complementary Gifts: These are the spices of life! They support all the other gifts.

The chicken is the primary gift, the rice is the secondary and the herbs are the complementary gifts.

Lyndsey BaigentWhen you understand your natural gifts and support those with your skills and training you will experience a boost of confidence and self esteem.

I invite you to take the assessment test to determine your natural gifts.

~Lyndsey Baigent


    Glad you liked it, Rebekah – I found it to be interesting as well.

    Shared by: Rebekah Gienapp:

    Thank you for offering the assessment! I just completed it. It was interesting to see how my gifts seemed to cluster around certain areas.

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