Mantras With Dana Wilde

Dana Wilde shared her many Facebook quotes and mantras on this Cash Flow Show Radio broadcast.

As you are building your business, focus only on your successes.

Focus only on what is going right with your business.

If you do this, your brain will help you to see even more successes and you will gain momentum, which makes building a business fun and it makes it happen quicker.

Create Mantras

Create phrases, affirmations, declarations, or what Dana likes to call mantras.

A Mantra is a Sanskrit word given to a Hindu or Buddhist religious practice for sacred words, chants or sounds used during meditation to “facilitate” spiritual power and capable of transforming consciousness.

Whew! Sounds “out there,” huh? Facilitating spiritual power? Transforming consciousness?

Well, that’s exactly what you are doing when you’re creating your affirmations or making your declaration.

Like affirmations, mantras also use conscious thoughts to change old thoughts and beliefs stored in the unconscious mind into a “newer way of thinking,” a new conscious awareness.

Focus ONLY on what is good!

Dana Wilde
And for leaders . . . on this same note . . . Try to remember that you really only have one job as a leader.

Your job is to help your people feel successful until they actually are successful.”

Dana Wilde, The MindAware

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