Mary Christensen Shares Direct Selling Success Tips

My friend Mary Christensen has been a guest on the Cash Flow Show Radio several times and I always enjoy chatting with her!!

In this set we talked about how to reach the 6 figure mark in your direct selling business this year!!

Mary Christensen is the best selling author of several popular direct sales books:

  • Be A Direct Selling Superstar
  • Be A Recruiting Superstar
  • Be A Party Plan Superstar
  • Be A Network Marketing Superstar

Listen to this past show excerpt and click through to the Cash Flow Show Direct Sales Radio host page to listen to the latest show.

Mary Christensen’s Book

Mary Christensen, best selling author of Be A Direct Selling Superstar shared her tips to reach bigger goals.

Yes, it is possible to create a 6 figure income in one year. People do it every day!

The only threat to your success is your belief in your business.

One of the first things you have to do is stop settling so low. You will attain what you shoot for!

Secondly, don’t underestimate the potential of the business since your investment was so low! You would not walk away if you had invested $100,000 instead of a couple of hundred.

Don’t Underestimate Business Investment

Think of your business investment as a major opportunity in your life! If you bought a franchise for $130,000 you would not walk away so easily. Your company is putting a major investment into YOU for you.

So, don’t underestimate your potential and stop making excuses!

Mary Said: “You can not make excuses and money at the same time!”

Make a commitment! A commitment means that you refuse to let forces outside your control to control your destiny!

Business Success Challenges

Everyone has challenges, but we all have gifts too. Your success is determined by putting yourself to the test. Find your gifts and overcome your challenges. It takes courage to overcome your challenges.

You are in control of your solutions. If you are not achieving your goals then only 2 things could be wrong. Either you are:

  • Not doing enough.
  • Or you are are not doing the right things.

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