Mary McLoughlin’s Tip from the Top

Mary McLoughlin is a friend, a coach and an educator. Thanks for a great tip, Mary!

Mary McLoughlin – Tip from the Top

“If you want to be the best, do what the best are doing.”
Mary McLoughlin

I learned this first as a young Mom when my parenting mentor, Earladeen Badger, challenged me to watch for successful parents to follow.

Instead of asking parents what they did when their children misbehaved, I began to ask what they did to encourage good behavior and to create success.

I looked for parents of older children who were doing what I wanted my children to do and it worked!

My children are successfully launched, yeah!

When I began my direct selling business, I did the same thing.

I went to the meetings looking for people who were already experiencing the success I wanted.

I asked them what they did, I shadowed them and I helped them. I made sure to come to the meeting early and stayed late to help with set up and clean up.

I was able to have many conversations with the leaders in my upline by just showing up and helping.

When I attended larger events, I made sure to sit with people I didn’t know.

 Mary McLoughlinI paid attention to who was showing up on the recognition pages of the newsletter and I sought them out. I was sure to ask a very specific question and then I listened!

You will find yourself climbing higher and faster up the ladder of success if you simply do what the best are doing!

“If you want to be the best, do what the best are doing.”

Mary McLaughlin
Direct Selling Speaker, Trainer and Business Coach

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