You’re In Control Of The Mind Switch

On the most recent LIVE Cash Flow Show Radio we talked with two direct sales leaders on how to motivate your team.

Louisa Dykstra, Executive Vice President Sales leader with Norwex, shared her tips on how to keep your team from fading away when things aren’t going so well.

You are in control of the mind switch that says whether you have a job or not!

Just because a hostess cancels her show or a distributor decides not to continue that does not mean that you do not have a job any longer.

Listen to this excerpt of the Cash Flow Show – Home Business Radio show as Louisa shares how she educates her team on keeping their brain switch turned on.

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Mind Switch: You Do Have A Job!

The best thing about (and the challenge of being) a work at home consultant is the ability to work when you want, as much as you want and how you want.

That does not mean you don’t have a job.mind-switch

Your job is to keep yourself on track, stay motivated and keep connecting with your clients.

Many distributors who get cancellations or lose distributors immediately think:

  • Oh, this isn’t working!
  • I don’t have a job any more…
  • Now what? No one wants to have a party!
  • Drat, I lost my best seller, this isn’t ever going to work!

By realizing that you can turn your “I have a job” mind switch on or off is often just enough to keep going!

YOU DO still have a job, so take the time that you would have invested in that party or that team member and find another one!!

More About Louisa Dykstra

Louisa is passionate about reducing chemicals in the home and she loves helping people create a life they love!

She is a Mom, a violinist and a rescue dog owner. Visit her website:

Listen to the full broadcast through 1/26/16 on the home business radio page.

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