Tips From Natalie Blais Hjelsvold

Natalie Blais Hjelsvold is an entrepreneur but most of all she is a Mom, which is why she became an entrepreneur!

Natalie Blais Hjelsvold
Listen to her radio show interview on being WAH Parent and keeping your personal life and business life in balance.

Tips from the Top: Natalie Blais Hjelsvold

I hear it all the time “I’m SO BUSY!

I don’t have time to make calls, coach hostesses, and build my team!”

The reality is we are all given the same 24 hours in a day.

Why is it that the million dollar team leader is able build her team and conduct massive sales, all with the same 24 hours as you?

The answer is that she is focused and uses her time in a much more efficient manner.

Direct sales and network marketing is an incredible way for Moms to create an income without having to commit to a 40 hour a week job outside the home.

Thriving as an Entrepreneur Mom

Successful moms in direct sales and network marketing find time in the pockets of their day.

They manage a schedule that benefits their family.

As an Entrepreneur Mom and a single parent, I find the moment in my day that allows me to work on my business without feeling guilty.

Nap time was a perfect slot to work uninterrupted for at least an hour.

After bedtime was also a great time to call hostesses and coach my team.

Create clear boundaries around the times that are important to your family that you will NOT work.

Before school, after school, dinner hour and bedtime rituals always take priority for my family. How about you?

When you stick to your decisions about time you will feel better.Natalie Blais Hjelsvold

You may still be busy (as we all are) but you will feel better about your business and your family time.

I LOVED where my business was at and I was thriving, not only as a business owner, but as an entrepreneur mom as well.

YOU can be a passionate and engaged parent AND business owner when you make decisions about your time and honor those decisions.

It worked for me and it will for you too!
Natalie Blais Hjelsvold

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