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Noah St. John invented AfFORmations – the secret ingredient necessary to building income and confidence.Noah St. John

We appreciate his insight this week for our Tip From The Top feature!

Noah St. John’s Tip

I’ve had the opportunity to work with literally tens of thousands of entrepreneurs in direct selling and other types of compensation plans – men, women, and children, CEOs, stay-at-home moms in over 40 countries around the world since 1997.

So far I’ve never met one person who doesn’t want to succeed.

So there has to be something else going on, and what I talk about is the iceberg principle, which is that the human mind is very much like an iceberg – about five percent is visible above the surface, 95 percent is hidden below the surface. That’s the subconscious mind versus the conscious mind.

So when you put those two things together, the why-to’s and why-not-to’s, the conscious and the subconscious, here’s why so many people are holding themselves back and struggling with all this shelf help. It actually becomes a very simple process.

The why-to’s of success exists on the conscious level. That means everyone wants to succeed.

I want to share five simple words that have changed my life. I would love to change the lives of all the direct selling consultants and Cash Flow Show readers.
Noah St John
Before I discovered these five words I was living in a 300-square-foot basement apartment.

It wasn’t even a one-bedroom apartment, it was one room, so I didn’t even have a bedroom, it was all just one little room.

Now I live in a beautiful home in the Midwest, I have a beautiful wife, and I get to travel the world and share these teachings, these principles, with just tens of thousands of awesome people like you and the folks listening.
So the five words that I want to give you are very simply:

“Give yourself permission to succeed.”

So many people have spent so many tens of thousands of dollars on all the how-to’s of success, but if you never give yourself permission to succeed in the first place you’re just really wasting your money.

I really want you to give yourself permission to succeed and to change those subconscious thought patterns.

We are giving a lot of free information, I do hope you utilize it, and I’d love to hear your success story, too.

Noah St John,
You deserve to give yourself permission to succeed!


    Shared by: Robbin Ott:

    Good advice to remember, we must inspire ourselves before we can inspire others!
    Thank you

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