10 Reasons To Attend A Conference

Distributors often say that they cannot justify the cost of attending national conference!!

There are LOTS of reasons to attend a conference both regionally or nationally!

The answer is simple!
reasons to attend a conference

Top 10 Reasons To Attend Conference

So, in no special order, these are the top 10 reasons why YOU NEED to be at your corporate sponsored annual convention!

1. Meeting Makers Make More Money!

Studies have shown that convention attendees:

  • have a higher show average
  • get more bookings at shows
  • are better recruiters

In most cases the studies have shown that bookings, recruiting, sales and even promotions increase in conference attendees by 20 – 30%. (Thank you Belinda Ellsworth for the stats)

Conference attendees are more likely than non-attendees to move up the ladder to the next level in the 6 months after going to national events.

2. Inspiration:

Rub elbows with celebrities and corporate founders.  Some people never get to meet the brains and inspiration behind the brand.

This alone is inspiring and motivating. Learning and feeling the passion that is behind your brand and all of the processes that go on around you – this alone makes you a better seller, sharer and recruiter.

Saying at your party – “I met MyFantasticCompany‘s owner and founder at our National Conference and she truly cares about everyone in our team!!” is powerful.

3. Motivation:

The annual conference is the best place to get motivated!

Need some motivation in your business? Go to the annual conference. You will see lots of people just like you who are making a success of their direct sales businesses.

You can learn what they did to get where they are and what they’re doing to stay on top!

Meeting the top achievers and realizing that you are just like them (or maybe even better) will give you the drive you need!

You will come home with an attitude that if they can do it, so can I!

This is a huge takeaway!

4. Collaboration and Friendship:

The camaraderie of national events is an experience all its own!

Everyone attending the annual conference has something in common with you.

You will make new friends and possibly even meet a new mentor or role model. Every meal will be an opportunity to meet and talk to someone new!

One of the most exciting aspects of a national conference is the chance to network with others.

The friendship aspect is so important – I am still friends with people I met at conferences I attended 18 years ago.

5. Education:

You get training from top notch training from industry professionals (like ME!) and sales leaders in your company at convention.Reasons To Attend A Conference

6. Exciting Announcements & New Products!

There are always exciting company announcements and products. Being first to hear about them will certainly justify attending conference!

7. FREE Products:

If that is not enough they always give you some of them for FREE!

8. Learn The Trends – Share With Party Plan Professionals :

Part of the networking aspect of attending these events is the ability to share and hear about new ideas within the industry directly from professionals.

You immediately get to talk about them and hear feedback from dozens of different people.

Conference is like a huge think tank where new and exciting ideas and developments flow freely from one professional to another.

Being there to gather this info for your own use is great but also being a contributor to the dialog is critical to the growth and development of your company.

9. The Momentum Pays For The Event!

When you get back from the annual conference you will be so full of energy, passion, excitement, motivation that the momentum is unstoppable!

Your excitement will rub off on your team, your customers and your future potential recruits.

The momentum is the most important of all the reasons to attend a conference!

10. You Cannot Afford NOT To Go To National Conference!

You will network with other distributors, get a lots of new ideas, receive cutting edge training, and experience the newest and greatest products, rub elbows with company execs, and so much MORE!

Next time someone asks you to justify conference attendance send them here!!

This is the exact link to give them:

Can you think of more reasons to attend a conference? Please share them in the comments below!


    Shared by: Dawn Mulvey:

    All I can say is once you go, you will NEVER miss another one! It can be expensive, however if you save for it all year, and schedule a show for the day after you return, that investment will be returned FAST!

    Shared by: Louise Parker:

    You make it sound like I REALLY should be going – I am always jealous when everyone is coming back but I can not get my husband on board.

    Shared by: Norma:

    I totally agree with every point you made Deb! It would be so nice however if companies made a point of moving the Conferences around to the different countries the ladies are from. That would give more people the chance to attend. Conference is nothing short of a wealth of free information, training tips, etc. So worth it!! 🙂

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      I am glad to see everyone who understands the value of conference, even if you can not attend!!

      Start saving a bit now each month for next year. You do not have to commit to going but saving will make it happen more likely and the time and money invested will be returned in multiples!

    Shared by: Rebekah Gienapp:

    It wasn’t until I attended my first Barefoot Books conference that I realized (in the words of our keynote speaker Mary Christiansen) that I had to find my fire. I set a goal that I was really excited about – to take our family on a vacation that I paid for entirely out of my business earnings. I had so much momentum after conference that it only took me 6 months to achieve my goal (I had assumed it would take a whole year.) I became responsible for my own success and took risks accordingly.

    Shared by: Lorri:

    You pretty much covered everything! Great article and I couldn’t agree more! Will definitely save and share this article with my team that couldn’t make it this year!

    Shared by: Darryl MacM:

    Great check list. I am going to use this for my team fb page. Good resource so they hear from someone else besides me.

    Shared by: Patti:

    Love this…
    “Conference attendees are more likely than non-attendees to move up the ladder to the next level in the 6 months after going to national events.”

    Shared by: Carrie Douthit:

    Being able to attend conference and talk with the company founder and CEO and realize they know my name was the best! The excitement is still going strong inside me from those 3 days!

    Shared by: Jessica:

    Love this! Can’t wait for our first official convention! 🙂

    Shared by: Peterlyn:

    Great advice1

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