Magnet For Short And Long Term Goals

Big dreams with action put behind them become short and long term goals with magnetic attraction!

Goals are your focus on the future. When you create long and short term goals with sincerity, commitment, action, emotions and share them with others, they become a driving force that pulls you toward them.

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Attain Short And Long Term Goals

In order to turn dreams into actual results you must have a handle on why you want it and how you will feel once you have it.

Dreams are like a bank account. When you put more in, you will be able to take more out!


A dream is a wish. A goal is a dream with feelings and actions.

Dream Big & Turn Your Dreams Into Goals

Dreams that are supported by three things become goals with magnetic attraction:

  1. Physical support system: This includes things like systems within your business as well as your personal physical ability (health) to perform!
  2. Spiritual Or Emotional Connection – The reason why a dream is important must be clear to you so that you may make an emotional connection to it. How will you FEEL when you attain each dream?
  3. Actions: A plan and a path with steps to achieve success.

Take the time to dream big! I mean REALLY big!
What would you like to do over the next 10 years?

Create a list of physical, spiritual, personal, business and financial goals that you would like to attain.

Do it quickly and without judging whether it is possible or not! Use your intuitive subconscious mind, not your logical brain!

When The Why Gets Stronger, The How Gets Easier

Once you have a list of 50 dreams, prioritize them. What are the short and long term goals and where do they fall in the years to come?

Rate and number your goals in 1 – 3 – 5 – 10 year priorities, then pick 3 out of your #1 year list and write out your whys.

  • Why is that dream or goal important to you?
  • How will you feel when you attain it?

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    Shared by: Joel Williams:

    I like this! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it. I’m in the process of solidifying my goals, and putting them on paper. I’ve done it a little, but I love this process much better. I even bought a spiral notebook specifically for my goals and aspirations and am so glad I learned about you and read this article! Thanks!

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Great, Joel! Actually this week I accomplished something on my list for a while and hiked to the summit of Mt Fuji!

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