Success In Sales Means A Commitment To The Hill

This week on the Cash Flow Show Radio we discussed how success in business is just like skiing… or hiking for that matter.

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Success In Sales Is Like Skiing!

Some people work their direct sales business and never achieve the success that they dream of.

Some people ski all the time and perfect their technique and never become an expert skier…
Why is that?

Committed To Direct Sales Business?

Often business seems like an uphill battle!
When skiing, like in business, some people have a greater commitment to the hill, only in skiing it is a commitment to going downhill!

If you have ever said, “I am not comfortable doing that!” then chances are a fear of some sort is holding you back from the direct sales success you deserve.

Success In Sales = Step Out Of Comfort Zone

Sliding down a hill at breakneck speeds on skinny boards is definitely a bit out of most peoples’ comfort zone.
Those that are committed to going downhill and enjoying the excitement of being challenged are the ones who become experts.

I often see skiers who have great form yet they hold back. When you look at them you can see that they are leaning back on their skis and not committed to going down the hill.

This stance is actually more out of control than the skier who drives themselves down the hill at top speed.

A skier who is committed to going down the hill aggressively drives themselves down the hill.  Their weight is on the balls of their feet, they lean into the downhill journey and literally reach down the hill one pole plant at a time.

That is the skier who, with time, becomes the expert.

Business Success Takes Time

Success in sales from home takes time. Like skiing, with practice and time anyone can achieve direct sales business success.

Unfortunately many do not reach their dreams because they are not willing to commit to the hill.

Are you reaching, stretching and embracing your fears? Your business?

Nervous = Excited

The thrill of being out of your comfort zone is the same thrill that skiers get flying down the hill.

Nervous and excited are the same bodily sensation. One is negative and one is positive. Stop saying you are nervous and start saying you are excited.

Share A Hobby

What do you do everyday as a hobby or pastime that reminds you of the commitments necessary to succeed in sales from home?

Please share in the comments below!


    Shared by: Belinda Yost:

    I can easily talk to anybody, in fact sometimes talk too much without listening and having a hard time switching the conversation to my business without feeling pushy! I think this is a common problem with talkative people like me! Will practice practice ten second rule, that will be much more effective!

    Shared by: Elaine:

    Hi Deb
    Thanks for all the information. I guess if I had to narrow it down I would say my biggest problem is asking people to book a show. I am a Canadian and my business is U.S. Based and the product is priced in U.S. Dollars. I love the product but find with the exchange rate so high right now I feel uncomfortable asking people to buy my products.
    Not sure how to change my mindset about that

    Shared by: Anne McMahon:

    The 10 second rule is great! Also, you hit on one of my typical excuses- about calling people at “the wrong time”. Just call! I’m committing to making a call or two every day so I can get good at it as you’ve promised I will!

    Shared by: Mary Campbell:

    I too, am new to direct sales and I got into it because I like the product and I could see the possiblities. It is a relatively new company, and it is something different. I’ve always worked in an office, so I can deal with people on that level, but forming friendships has always been difficult for me. So, that God has led me to Direct Sales, is pretty funny. But, it has forced me to step out and ask people questions and its getting easier each time. Its just awful trying to learn everything at once. direct sales, personal interactions, marketing, but…I know it will be worth it in the end.

    Shared by: Niecey:

    I’m new to the direct sales industry and i guess i never really wanted to get into one because i really didn’t feel that i could sale anything. The reason that i started with the company that i am with now is because i feel in love with the product and was sold on the quality of it, and so i thought that i would give it a try. I was taught that my family and friends should be the first people i go to for support and to get bookings. WRONG! i am now learning on my own that that is not always true for everyone. So now i know that i really need to step out of my circle and my comfort zone and get out to meet new people but it is hard for me because i don’t want to be looked at as the icky sales lady. So as it stands right now I Have No Business! not one booking on my calendar and I’ve been with the company since February.

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Hi Niecey – I am sorry that you are discouraged but you are in the right place now! It is not fair to depend on friends and family to support your business. Maybe nice, but should not be expected.

      Use as many ways to find business as possible! Strangers are the key! Start with this article and then keep reading in the Finding Business category.

      Feel free to call me if you want to talk. My number is not the top of the website banner.

    Shared by: Julie Nichols:

    I love the 10 second rule. I always worried about being pushy. I do want to make friends and have a service. Sometimes with my children I don’t take as much time as I should on my business. I need to set business hours so I have set time to work on my business. Thank you so much Deb, I am going to take action!!

    Shared by: Stephenie:

    I am new to my business and I have been focusing on the wrong thing! I have been worrying about friends helping me out when I should have been concerned with what they need. My comfort zone is definitely a huge issue. I think I worry too much about what I think other people think of me.

    Shared by: Lisa:

    I feel out of my comfort zone when I feel like I dont know what I am talking about….I have to change the nervous to excited…..that is great and change to frienships….I love that…I have a fear of hearing NO….scared of what people will think of me of what I do….but I love it, I feel I am Empowering Women….and I really want to get that message across…….I want to help women….

    Shared by: Jeanne Cleveneger:

    Sometimes when I feel out of my comfort zone – I just fake it till I make it!! I didn’t realize how good I was at this till my daughter made the comment to me one day “jeez Mom, you don’t know a stranger do you? I could never talk to people like you do!” I knew then that I MADE IT!! Love the 10 sec rule. Makes me learn more about them and I know what I can do for servicing them!!

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