Tapping to Grow Business

Being self-employed is often like a roller-coaster – there are good days and not so good days.

Using tapping to grow your business is a technique that may surprise you!
What do you do to take care of yourself on the days when you are feeling like being self-employed is a bad idea?

Do you know that there is an easy tool that will help you ditch that feeling?

We all choose to work for ourselves because of the freedom it provides. And, because we are human, we have times when we question if this is really freedom.

I think that emotions are one of the most beautiful aspects of being human. All too often we allow our emotions to drive us and we can’t really see the scenery because we are trying to stay on the road. What if we learned how to use our emotions to enjoy more of that scenery?

Tapping Can Change Business Results

Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as EFT or Tapping, is an easy tool that you can use on your own. Olympic athletes were seen tapping this summer on certain acupressure meridian points to help them with their mental space while competing.

EFT can be used to:

  • Remove fear of snakes or spiders
  • Desire to keep a clear mental space before a competition or presentation
  • Reinforce intentions to achieve something in business
  • Improve relationships by re-writing the story
  • Alleviate fear of flying or public speaking
  • Transform feelings of being unloved, abandoned, unworthy
  • Reduce anxiety or PTSD around past events
  • Improve physical conditions, including chronic pain

Essentially, you can tap for anything.

Angela Clark
I like to think we are “taking out the trash” to make room for our intentional creative growth.
Angela Clark, Tapping Professional
There isn’t room if we don’t remove old patterns, habits, pain, and beliefs that no longer support our growth. I see it happen all the time – our business grows when we grow as individuals.

If we don’t change, we become stale and stagnant – where would you choose to do business?

Join us for a chat and learn more about tap on the Cash Flow Show – Home Business Radio on October 12th. You will learn how it can change your business and life!

Angela Clark has literally tapped her way through life for more than a decade. When she isn’t tapping, she is hiking the Rocky Mountains.

Visit her website: www.TheKiInside.com

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