Team Connections Finish & Start With A Bang!

Dana and Neil Phillips of Team Connections were our guests in this segment of the Cash Flow Show – Home Business Radio broadcast.

Dana and Neil have been partnered in business for over 35 years and in marriage for even longer. They come as a complete, complementary set and through Team Connections.

Team Connections offers the only leadership program specifically designed to build leaders in direct sales.

We talked about how you can enjoy the holidays more, end the year with a bang and then roar into January!

Listen to the Team Connections set here and/or visit the radio page to listen to the full Cash Flow Show.

Team Connections Mindset

Make a decision to have a great end of the year and a great start to 2019.

Start Your New Year Now!

  • Set up your January events. Schedule early January early with parties, phone time, follow up calls, and meetings. You can always date more events for the end of the month at the events held at the beginning of the month. As you meet people in December you need to be ready to invite them to your January events.
  • Make sure you have your selling opportunities set up for January before December ends, whether it means dating parties, 1:1 sales meetings or vendor events.  Reward people for getting out of the gate quickly in January. Consider setting up ‘the first party in January” as a special event for a preferred host.
  • Schedule follow up time in early January. Make a plan to call all your 2018 great customers and just say thank you.
Dana Phillips
The biggest mistake direct sellers make is going straight for the jugular…

I would not have married my husband had he told me on the first date that he already decided he was going to do so!

Dana Phillips, Team Connections

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