The Unexpected Leader: Tammy Bylsma

The direct sales consultant who joins to make a career out of her or his business is few and far between.

Most direct sellers, like Tammy Bylsma of Steeped Tea, join for free products, a discount or just a little bit of fun!

Listen to this excerpt of the Cash Flow Show – Home Business Radio show as Tammy shares how she became another unexpected leader.

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The Unexpected Leader

Tammy is an unexpected leader due to 3 strategies that she incorporated into her business.

  1. The key to success is setting up SMART goals with actions and measurable milestones.
  2. Even as a new distributor you should go to conference and take action on what you learn.
  3. Invest constantly in personal development within your company and with outside educators.

The training and education you receive at conferences is important but the connections that you make are the most powerful part of participating in your company events.

Very few people join direct sales to make a full time job out of it but every distributor can become an unexpected leader when they treat their business seriously with specific action-based goals, attend company events and invest in their personal growth daily.

More About Tammy Bylsma

Tammy Bylsma started with Steeped Tea in December of 2014 for the discount. She found that each time she did a party she had a new recruit.
Tammy started to get serious in May 2015 and decided to attend National Conference the following month. Following conference her team went from 3 people in June to 27 in December.

She is now a Senior Group Leader, has her sights on earning two more promotions this year and is well on her way to earning the company incentive trip to Maui.

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