You Ask – Why Go To Conferences?

Why go to conferences?

Carrie Douthit shares her insight and the growth that she experienced by investing the time and money into going to the her company’s National Conference.

Why Go To Conferences:

At first I wondered: Why should I attend a conference?
why go to conferences
I attended and quickly learned why I should go to national conference!!

Since conference, my team has doubled in size, and my personal sales have grown by 30%.

Being able to learn from other leaders in our company was just what I needed.

I attended breakout sessions led by other women who started out as a consultant, just like me.

These ladies are leaders within our company, and yet they shared how I too can grow as a team leader.

I heard tips on how to have recruiting conversations, how to be an effective leader, and how to grow personally and professionally.

It was amazing because they held nothing back and freely shared it all.
Carrie Douthit Why go To A Conference
I came home with a suitcase full of new products and training material.

In addition, I came home with the tools I needed to move forward, and to have the confidence to share my story with others and grow my team.

Most of all though, I came home with a hunger for more knowledge and the tools to find it!

Don’t ask why go to conferences! Just go!
Carrie Douthit, Steeped Tea


    Shared by: Tiffany Stubbs:

    Hey this is my group leader and friend! Awesome advice Carrie! I can’t wait to attend conference with you in 2016!

    Shared by: Louise Parker:

    This is a great series. I have never been to conference but now I am rethinking. I do hope I win the club too! Thanks, Deb

    Shared by: Norma:

    I have only been with my company a short time so was not able to attend Conference this year due to time/finances but I have heard so much and am so pumped to go next year. As I was home reading all the updates the wonderful ladies were posting it still inspired me even though I was not there. We are having a small breakout group for the ones who could not attend and our fearless leaders are going to share the wealth of information for us then which I think is amazing. On top of that and getting as much training as I can with your webinars and tapes Deb I hope to get my business moving!!

    Shared by: Rebekah Gienapp:

    It’s hard for me to sum up all the benefits of attending conference in one comment, but here are some of the things I experienced last year as a first time attendee at our Barefoot Books national conference:
    – inspiration from keynote speaker Mary Christiansen, a leading direct sales writer.
    – relationships built with top leaders in our company, who have remained a resource for me even though they are not my upline.
    – the chance to talk personally with our CEO and President.
    – the opportunity to meet my favorite Barefoot Books illustrator.
    – greater insight into where our company is headed and why (which my team members were very eager to hear about when I returned).
    – inside info about upcoming releases that I could share with my customers.

    Shared by: Lorri:

    Ironic you should post this today! I’m heading out to our National Conference THIS AFTERNOON! I think one of the biggest benefits for me is that, after 17 year in the same direct sales business, it getting to see long time friends, to ‘sharpen the saw’ and to re-ignite the passion.

    Shared by: Carrie:

    thanks Darryl! You gave me my first morning smile!

    Shared by: Darryl MacM:

    Hey – is that the Carrie commenting on the post the same one as featured in the article!! Wow! Rubbing elbows with a celebrity!

    Thanks Deb for all the resources you have here. For the one willing there really is everything you need on the cash flow show to grow a thriving direct sales business!

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Yupper, Darryl one in the same, Carrie!!

      Thanks for being a fan Darryl – appreciate you saying so!

    Shared by: Patti:

    I will be meeting many of my peers for the first time (have only conversed with them through social media) in person and am excited to learn from them!!

    Shared by: Carrie Douthit:

    Of course I love this article 😉 Just being able to network with others in your company makes the conference experience invaluable!

    Shared by: Jessica:

    Great reasons for hitting up conference! Who doesn’t love free swag?? 😉

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