The Zig Ziglar Legacy: On The Radio

Our guest on the home business radio show Julie Ziglar Norman shared her life with Zig Ziglar. (Broadcasted 2013)

We talked about what it was like growing up in the shadow of the iconic Zig Ziglar and what it meant to her life.

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The Zig Ziglar Household

When Julie was growing up, her father, Zig Ziglar, was a door-to-door cookware salesman.

He was a happy guy who always practiced what he preached.  He used to whisper positive reinforcements into Julie’s ear as she slept.

She went from a rebellious teenager to Zig Ziglar’s editor then gradually transitioned into becoming his speaking partner.

The transition into Zig Ziglar’s stage companion was gradual.

Julie shared in a previous Tips From The Top post some of her teen years. Read Julie Ziglar Norman‘s quote.

After winning an award from Guidepost magazine in a writer’s contest and being told that she was a ‘natural writer’ her Dad asked her to be his editor.  Later after Zig Ziglar had a stroke, Julie started joining him on stage to help him to stay on track.

Listen To The Zig Ziglar Legacy On The Radio

I had the honor of meeting both Julie and Zig at a DSWA conference.  As Julie mentioned on the show, there was not a dry eye in the room as we laughed and enjoyed Zig’s stories and successes.

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