Mentoring And Coaching: Field Consultants, Teams, Companies

Whether you are looking for individual or team mentoring and coaching, corporate consulting or start up advice, we offer something for you.

Direct Sales Corporate Consulting

Mentoring And Coaching
Deb Bixler is often called the Guru of Party Plan!

When working with corporate companies Deb provides affordable consulting services in any topic that relates to the party plan industry.

Whether you are considering the start-up of your own party plan company with your unique product, or have a problem to solve with your existing company, you should talk to Deb!

Corporate consulting is provided on a project-by-project basis working at your pace and matching your budget! We do not require a massive monetary commitment to get started!

The Cash Flow Show page on how to start your own party plan company has an extensive list of the many things you must consider before you launch! From policy and compliance to party invitations and everything in between we can guide you in the process. Check it out then contact US!

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Team Mentoring And Coaching

As a busy team leader, the Cash Flow Show team coaching services will leverage your time!

Ask about team coaching group rates and get to know Deb in a complimentary mentor’s call.

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Individual Consultant Coaching

Consultant ACTION based coaching is our specialty!

  • Did you just get your kit and want to jump start your business to create a viable income from home?
  • Are you a leader who needs help with organizing your new responsibilities?
  • Have you already achieved success in sales and now have a goal to move up your company’s leadership ladder?

Finding the perfect coach is not always easy, which is exactly why we offer a 30-minute complimentary coaching session to see if it is a match.

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Mentoring and coaching comes in a different form for every personality, so if we did not list your need here do not hesitate to reach out to us!

Questions? Call NOW: 717-751-2793

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