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One Product Challenge Reviewed: Find 6-Figure Profitable Products within 7 Days

Have you ever wondered how awesome it would be if you find an easy-to-sell, low competition, and profitable product in no time? While you may think that it is not possible for something like this to happen, by the end of this post you would know how to do that correctly.

This post reviews One Product Challenge that shows you the ways to make your dream a reality. 8-figure Amazon seller and CEO of Amazing Selling Machine, Matt Clark introduced an elaborated process of product selection that includes strategies to help you discover a single profitable product.

Therefore, if you are willing to sell one product on Amazon that can potentially change your financial life by following the exact footsteps of a person who has achieved a lot, read this post carefully so that you can know how a single product can bring you a fortune in only 7 days. So, without wasting any more time, let's dig in straight to the review.

One Product Challenge: What is it?

The One Product Challenge for 7 days is a unique 7-day walkthrough video from Amazing Product Officer and Amazon expert, Mike McClary where he gives you simple instructions to confidently find a profit-making product so that you can place the first order and build a brand to achieve success on Amazon.

Besides, the team has made every effort to source and launch tons of products that helped them achieve success on Amazon. In short, the Amazing team knows how to get low competition and most profitable, and long-lasting products that would provide them with plenty of commissions in the future.

The best part of the program is that you get to everything in just 7 days. Sounds interesting and exciting, right? Let's know more about the same by going deeper and understanding how the challenge works.

One Product Challenge: What's inside?

Before getting into the challenge and knowing what it looks like, keep in your mind that the products must meet three important criteria. Here are the three critical criteria.

  1. Potent high profit
  2. Easy to sell
  3. Low competition

Therefore, the only difference between working with the wrong or right product is quite marginal. It means that if you select the wrong or unfavorable product, your business won't take off in style. And, the results are the same if you don't fulfill the above criteria.

In addition, you would always feel that you are pushing a huge block uphill. But when you choose the perfect product that falls in line with the above criteria, you can taste success with the least effort. Sales would make their way every day and take your business to new heights. Simple, right?

How exactly does it work?

Here is what you would learn in these seven days.

Introduction: Day 1

Why it is important for you to pick the right product to build a successful business and how it saves your precious time from making loads of mistakes throughout your business.

Finding Out What Interests You: Day 2

You have to get started with a list that interests you so that you can search for the right product and come up with some categories.

  • You can access Zoof, which is one of the best product software that many Amazon sellers use

Amazing Product & Profit Criteria: Day 3

This is the time when you have to revise and set the criteria for your desired product. In short, you have to ensure that the product meets the criteria to stay ahead of the completion while generating profits in 6-figures.

  • You would be awarded a batch that says "Found Product" on the third day.

Finding the Suppliers & Product Costs: Day 4

You would get an idea about choosing the most profit-making product, get quotes for both international and domestic shipping charges by sea and air from your resources, and calculate estimated profits.

  • You would have access to Amazing's templates that are written by experts to help you communicate with potential suppliers. That way, you can get the right price for the product of your choice even though you haven't negotiated it earlier in your life.

Product Tuning and Choosing the Final Product: Day 5

You would find your USP or unique selling proposition that helps you stay ahead of your competitors while finding out the likes and dislikes of your audience about the product.

Create Your Brand: Day 6

Just by using three digital tools, you can create your brand name that suits the business, create an outstanding logo, and create a new brand.

Graduation Ceremony and Next Steps: Day 7

You would attend a luxury LIVE graduation ceremony that celebrates your success. Also, you get to know the exact steps that you should take to ascertain financial freedom for many years to come with the brand that you have created and the product.

Is there a Bonus?

Along with the One Product Challenge, you can have the opportunity to enter and win a $5000 bonus. And, it would go straight to your inventory order when you first sign up for the challenge today. Here is how it works.

During the One Product Challenge, anyone signing up for this unique 7-day challenge would be eligible to win $5000 as a bonus toward their new businesses. The Amazing team would announce five winners who would get $5000 each.

The people who win the bonus would receive $5000 for their business when they order their inventory for the first time. As such, they can jumpstart their business with the perfect product instantly.

What do you get after investing in the challenge? 

Here is what you get inside the unique 7-day challenge.

1. 7-day One Product Challenge videos from Chief Product Officer of Amazing and Amazon expert, Mike McClary

2. Tips for 7 days through texts from Matt Clark, 8-figure Amazon seller, and Amazing CEO

3. A book on a complete guide to sourcing success on Amazon as Bonus #1

4. A book on a checklist for product sourcing alongside supplier questionnaire as Bonus #2

5. A book that reveals secrets on how to build a multi-dollar brand on Amazon as Bonus #3

6. A book on listing optimization as Bonus #4

All these are worth $8392.

One Product Challenge: How much does it cost?

The minimum amount that you have to pay to enter this challenge is $197. However, you can get everything that you just saw for only $97. It is a 50% discount and is available only for a specific time frame. Therefore, make sure that you take advantage of the discount right now.

What about a guarantee?

Like every quality product, this challenge comes with a guarantee as well. If you feel that you are slightly off track and finding it hard to find a profit-making product, send your request to [email protected] and they would issue you a complete refund right away. However, the time is within seven days if buying One Product Challenge.

One Product Challenge: Who can take it?

This challenge is for people who are looking to establish themselves as successful Amazon seller. In short, the challenge is to take unfair advantage of Amazon by selling a demanding product that has low competition and makes huge sales annually.

  • An Amazon FBA seller who is finding it hard to pinpoint the right profit-making product to generate more sales. Also, it is for a person who likes to train themselves with the best Amazon expert and find out how to become a successful seller using winning products.
  • People who are looking for an easy way to succeed only by following seven videos and walking in the same direction without any prior experience or having little
  • People who don't like to waste their time and money trying to achieve success and would rather follow someone who has achieved massive success
  • Retires
  • Students
  • Moms and dads

One Product Challenge: Who is it not for?

  • Lazy people
  • Non-Amazon enthusiasts
  • Tire kickers
  • People who are least interested in selling physical products

Pros & Cons: One Product Challenge


  • Proven ways to find highly profit-making products that are easy to sell and have low competition, which means that you would stay ahead of your competition while generating a 6-figure income
  • Finding the right suppliers and managing product costs to arrive at the most profit-making product, work with the resources and make them quote international and national shipping costs either by sea or air and calculate estimated profit
  • This challenge helps you save a lot of headaches compared to going solo without any mentor
  • Create your brand so that you don't need to bother about using the required tools to form a well-suited brand name, make a unique logo, and create a new brand. It means that you can have great fans who would follow you and buy the item only from you
  • Entry to win $5000 toward inventory order after signing up for the challenge and get a jumpstart with the perfect product
  • Improve product selection process through time-saving techniques from Matt Clark, Amazon seller generating an 8-figure income to help you take unfair advantage of Amazon and make profits instantly


  • I might surprise you but there are no cons to this challenge. Also, it is not biased and everything is true to its core. If you believe Amazon's business model is what you desire and you would like to find the perfect product and make huge money, One Product Challenge is the way to go

Are there alternatives?

Sadly, there is no alternative when it comes to the 7-day One Product Challenge. Moreover, the perks of this challenge are many and you can't find anything better on the market in terms of amazing offers.

So, what impressed me much about the challenge?

Although there are many overwhelming programs that I find around, nothing can be compared to the One Product Challenge. And, there are good reasons for that as well.

Most programs on Amazon FBA tend to give you a formula or blueprint that you have to follow and make your way. But with this challenge, you get 7 videos that give you a deep understanding of Amazon FBA and help you walk through a proven framework that you can use to connect with the suppliers.

That way, you can find a profitable opportunity that helps you to achieve success in no time. In addition, you don't have to spend your time thinking about whether or not the chosen product would give your profits. I haven't seen such an approach from other courses on Amazon FBA. Hence, you are in safe hands and don't need to worry.

What I didn't like

I won't say that there is something that I disliked. Besides, I am not even saying that out of being biased. What I truly know and believe is that One Product Challenge is an intuitive process through which you can choose highly demanding products, or just one single product and start your Amazon FBA journey with flying colors.

Furthermore, even if you find an in-demand product, Amazon FBA is unpredictable and difficult. Sometimes, you may have to shift to another item and lookout for new suppliers alongside starting the hassle all over again.

However, Amazon FBA isn't my number one most recommended business model, especially for beginners. If you want to know more, click here.

The bottom line:

If you are interested in Amazon FBA and willing to sell in-demand products at a relatively lower price by learning the strategies from an expert who has excelled in this business model and achieve massive success, the One Product Challenge should be the right option for you.

Matt and Mike would take you on a unique journey where you can learn how to locate a profit-making product that has low competition and you can sell with ease almost instantly. All you have to do is consider taking 30 minutes out of your schedule per day and go through all the steps while taking action whenever it needs to.

I know how difficult it is to find a product, promote it, and make a sale. So, if you don't want to fall into this loop, now is the time to get started. Click on the button below and start something awesome.

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