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Often I hear distributors say Facebook parties are a great idea but they really do not generate great sales, recruits or bookings!

The reason for that is that those same reps do not plan how they will generate sales, bookings and recruit leads in their virtual party the way the do in the live party.

A good example of that is the Ask Me A Question game!

Every party plan rep knows that talking about the business opportunity at the party is the best way to find new consultants and the Ask Me A Question Game is often the way they do it at a live event.

Why not do it in your Facebook parties too?

Ask Me A Question Game

Make a cool graphic that says ask me a question about my job!ask-me-a-question-game
(Photo: Taken by Deb Bixler, Mt. Fuji, Japan 2016)

Give points for questions and have an inexpensive prize like free shipping or some thing….

Check out the post on the Ask Me About My Business game for more ideas.

Follow up with the commenters privately via direct message to see who wants more information and like magic your next super star will appear!

What do YOU do at your live shows to generate leads for your business opportunity? (Tell us in the comment section below!)

When you think that same concept through and make some minor modifications, just like the Ask Me A Question game it will work online too!

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