Never Change Your Business Email Address Again!

Wouldn’t it be cool if you never had to change your email address again?!

Isn’t it a pain when you change phone, DSL or cable service and you have to change your email address with everyone on earth?
business email
Some people never get the message and emails get lost.

This means you lose customers!

  • What if there was a way that you could have the same email address for the rest of your life, no matter who your provider is?
  • What if that service only cost $15.00 per year?
  • Would you take advantage of it?

Pick Business Email & Never Change It!

Most domain services like GoDAddy come with one or more FREE email addresses.

Even if you do not want to manage a website, you can buy a web domain for about $15 per year.  You never have to set up a website.

Just buy your domain (don’t buy hosting unless you want to set up a website) then create your FREE email address!

You then just forward it into your connection service. You could change from DSL to cable and back every year and no one would be the wiser.

If this sound too techie for you then just send me an email after you buy your domain and I will set it up for you… it is a 15 minute job!

Buying Your Business Domain – DOs And DON’Ts

  • If your name is hard to spell, don’t use it.
  • If you insist on using your hard-to-spell name, then buy all the misspelled variations of it and redirect them into your site.
  • Do not buy domains with a hyphen. It is too hard to spell and when speaking the domain name, it is hard to say and hard to remember.
  • Don’t use numbers if you do not have to, as they are either numeric or spelled out. Again hard to communicate.
  • Do not use hard-to-spell words. Even savvy business owners sometimes are not good spellers. on first look seems good but I’ll bet most Americans spell it wrong.
  • If you buy a long domain name it should be for branding purposes. is a brand that I am now known for but it is still too hard to type in!

I wish I had known 7 years ago what I know today about buying domain names!! LOL

My email is

When I say that to people I often hear: “Wow! that is easy to remember!”

You can do the same thing. You will then use the same email address forever and never lose another email or frustrate friends again when you change providers. Everyone should do it!!

GoDAddy has cheap domains so grab one for your business email and never lose a customer again!


    Shared by: Jodie:

    OMG! Life has been super duper hard the last few years. I just keep searching for answers and never get them. Although I do know what to do, somehow it doesn’t seen to come together.

    I just found your website and feel that it was a miracle. I have not made one dime in network marketing, but I know that it can be possible. I look forward to following your advice and for the first time in my life I think I just might achieve my dreams.

    Thank You Deb


      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Glad to be helpful Jodie, There are tons of free resources here so check it out.

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