Cash Flow Show Podcast Top 10

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This show featured the top 10 most visited pages on the website. Listen to the first set here or visit the show page to hear the full show and learn why they are the top 10!

Cash Flow Show Podcast
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Cash Flow Show Podcast Top 10

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As part of our blog stroll winding down to the New Year we discussed why each page showed up in the top 10 most read articles and summarized it on the air.

Vendor Events – Host Coaching – Start A Company

Booth Set Up: DOs & DON’Ts   was the number 10 most visited page on the Cash Flow Show blog last year and I can understand why! With events and trade shows being one of the best lead generation tools going, booth set up is key to lead generation.

There were many articles regarding online games and how to do a Facebook party in the top 10 but Hostess Coaching Online Parties is the #9 most read article on the site last year.

Finally, on this podcast we talked about How To Start A Direct Sales Company.

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