Melanie Moore With CinchShare On The Radio

Director of Training and Development at CinchShare, Melanie Moore is the guest on this segment of the Cash Flow Show – Direct Sales Radio.

Listen to the most recent CFS Radio podcast on this topic and/or visit the radio page to listen to the full show (through 3/14/18).

CinchShare has built in features that make it easy for direct sellers to look like a PRO while saving time and money! Use this code to extend your trial period to 37 days.
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CinchShare Saves Time & Money!

Time is money, right? Actually time is MORE valuable than money!!!

Scheduling tools like CinchShare save you time, generate income and save you money.

Create desire in your social sites with value-added statements just like you would offline so that people are attracted to your products, opportunities and services. Using CinchShare means that you do not need to be on Facebook all day and night!

CinchShare is a scheduling tool designed specifically with direct sellers in mind. The features are user-friendly, easy to learn and include the ability to edit photos, save content for future use, batch schedule online party events and much more.

When you post three times daily, once in the morning and once in the evening using the CinchShare scheduler, and then once live with current events, your social media campaign will become a simple system that works for you rather than sucking up all your time.

Melanie Moore On The Radio

Listen to the full CFS Radio broadcast as Deb and Melanie share the words to use to create desire online for your services, how to look like a pro using CinchShare and a new (to Deb) technique to tap into Facebook ads without breaking the bank!

Melanie Moore
Sell the solution to a problem that the client did not know they even had!
Melanie Moore, CinchShare


    Shared by: CinchShare Jessica:

    This is so great! Thank you for featuring CinchShare.

    And, great news – we now offer a FREE Forever plan alongside our amazing PRO plan with incredible tools like the newly added Shared Folders to allow for collaborative team work and organization!

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