Social Media Marketing For Sales

I know that most direct sellers are using Facebook for business but are you doing it well?

Are you using social media to connect the web and leverage your time and income?

Last night when driving home I listened to a talk show about social media marketing and they said that Facebook is dying and email is already dead.

They did point out that email for business will probably stay alive for quite some time.

Email For Business And Social Media Marketing

After listening to the show I decided to take a look at the analytics for the Cash Flow Show website. Below is a graphic of the past week’s visitors to the site.

Three things jumped out at me in the report.

  1. I find it interesting that MyNewsletterBuilder (email) is integrated nicely with all the social sites I participate in. That alone indicates to me that my newsletter writing and email campaigns do pay off! In the world of business email is obviously not dead!
  2. With the exception of Twitter all the social sites that I participate in are showing in the top 25 referrers.
  3. I also find it noteworthy to look at the % of visitors from each site who were new to the Cash Flow Show website.

This numbers were taken in 2013.
direct sales marketing

You will not get the leverage on the web that you seek without participating in more than one or two networks.

Connect Social Media Marketing

There are hundreds of ways to connect the web for business.

Unfortunately, most direct sellers think it is only about Facebook. If you are serious about direct sales marketing online then I suggest you get a bit more strategic about your online presence.

Deb bixler on facebookI recommend that you start in Facebook (or any social site that you like best) then become comfortable there.

Develop a system for consistently reaching out to others and posting on your own stream, then after you have mastered the first social site, add another to your repertoire or branch out into niche groups.

Niche groups within a site like food groups or fashion groups are found in all the social sites. Becoming an active member in some of these groups puts your business in front of more people than you could meet on your own.

Joining and regularly participating in a niche group, whether it is Facebook, LinkedIn or group Pin Boards in Pinterest is almost like joining  a ‘sub’ social site.

Twitter For Selling

Deb Bixler On TwitterConnecting the web for business means interconnecting all the different sites to strengthen your presence.

Twitter is more immediate than Facebook. Your updates have a short shelf life.

A post is often reposted or retweeted several times to make sure that it is in front of the most eyes.

At the very least, setting up a Twitter profile and allowing all of your Facebook updates to stream into Twitter is a must. While this is not a very personal or engaging way to Tweet, it is a must do if you are already in Facebook.

The exact same status updates that you are sharing in Facebook can be a form of passive marketing in Twitter.

Sales And Pinterest

NOTE: Since this article posted in 2013 Pinterest has far surpassed Facebook as the top referring social site! In January 2015 the number of visitors to the Cash Flow Show from Pinterest was 4,446. The same period there was just over 1200 from Facebook!

Visit Deb On Pinterest
Pinterest is an artistic based social site.

Founded originally for use by foodies, decorators and artists, the visual aspect is engaging and a perfect social media marketing environment for direct sales.

Don’t Market Your Business!

In Pinterest especially but true in all social sites you are not there to market, you are there to make friends and create desire.

An Online Marketing Strategy

What is your purpose online? Your marketing strategy should support that in every activity. Do you act like a professional?

The top three reasons people un-friend or un-follow in social sites are:

  • Too many uninteresting posts: “Drinking my coffee.” (all day)
  • Too many sales-y posts: “On sale today only!” (everyday)
  • Polarizing posts: “Guns are good!” (political, religious, issue-based)

If you are connecting the web for business remember what your goals are…. business!

What is your business purpose on line?

Keep that purpose in mind when engaging in social sites. That does not mean to say that you should always talk business. It means that your actions should always support your business.

Just like offline, conduct yourself like a business person.

Professional Attitude = Success Attitude

As a home business owner you would never go to the grocery store in curlers or dressed UN-presentably, would you?

Online you should not share inappropriate posts or polarizing comments, as you may alienate your next recruit.

Connecting The Worldwide Web = Leads

Visit Deb Bixler on YouTubeThere are hundreds of ways to connect the worldwide web. It is not just about Facebook and your replicated site.

When you interconnect all the sites you get more leads.

  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Comments On Blogs
  • Blogging On Your Own Blog
  • Niche Groups Within Social SItes
  • A Newsletter Service (Yes this is party of social media too!)

You do not have to do them all but remember that the more you ‘connect’ your online presence, the more online success you will achieve. The web is what creates strength! More connections means more leverage online and more people coming to your site.

In social media marketing the interconnectedness between each of the social sites and the connections from the social sites to your replicated site and/or blog give you more internet power.

When you start in one, get consistent, make some systems and add another. Over the years you will see the benefits of your efforts pay off.

Email Plan Adds Value

As you can see from the above analytics a good email service that integrates with social media will support your online activities.

The newsletters get shared within the social sites as well as passed on to team members.

Create a strong online web and make a plan to support it with a strong email campaign!

Email is NOT dead!

Deb provides social media support for direct sellers at an affordable investment!

Call (717-751-2793) or email for information on setting up profiles, connecting accounts, social apps, email template creation, Fan page admin and other social media management services:

Click To Email Deb

What do you think? Please Share Online Marketing Ideas Below!

  • Is Facebook Dying?
  • Is Email Dead?

What are your online marketing ideas?


    Shared by: Cinda Long:

    Deb, thank you for your comment in this post : “When you start in one, get consistent, make some systems and add another.” It is so easy to think everyone else is doing this maybe I should do it to. Then never doing anything because you don’t know how to use that social media. Getting good at one would give more confidence in trying another one. Your advice is encouraging.

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Great. Cinda – glad it hit the right note for you!

    Shared by: Nancy Little:

    Some many Great resources in one place.

    Shared by: Electra Poulos:

    This is good information. I mostly use FB but started a twitter page but not yet active on it.

    I’m curious to set up my facebook so my fb posts go to twitter. I haven’t figured out how to do that. Is it with hashtags?

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Electra it is in the your FB settings that you make that happen. Hashtags only connect like tagged updates withing FB when you click them. Social media is a process….. get good at one thing, then add to it.

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