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I am continually amazed at how often people leave comments on the Cash Flow Show website without leaving a link in the website URL box that links to the consultant’s replicated site!

When you comment on this site, it automatically goes live if you do not place a link within the comment section. When filling out the form it is surprising to me how few people put their link in to their personal website!

What is your purpose online?

Is it to make money by driving people to your site, etc.?

Link To Your Direct Sales Website Below

direct sales websiteMore than half of the consultants who comment on the Cash Flow Show blog DO NOT put their replicated direct sales website’s business link in the field that says website when making a comment.

I do not get it!

This is a site for direct sales consultants.

My guess is that since you are here you are looking for direct sales success.

Why is it then that you fail to drop your link when asked for it?

Direct Sales Marketing Tip

Sometimes it is not appropriate to link to your website. Other times it is!

  • It is inappropriate to drop your link into EVERY Facebook or Twitter post.
  • It is inappropriate to drop your link on on MY fan page just because you want to.
  • It is inappropriate to put your link in the comment section of the blog.

But it IS totally appropriate to include your link in the form where it asks for it so that your name becomes a hyperlink back to your website.

MARKETING TIP: You should ALWAYS leave a link when given the opportunity or asked for it.

The more connections you have on the web, the more powerful your online presence becomes. Even comment links strengthen brand online!

Would you say no offline when someone asks for a business card?

Add Comments, Ideas & Value To Websites

Comment on your thoughts and ideas add value to the article. When you add value to a website’s article, you will definitely have your link approved.

Some websites moderate the comments and approve them later. I allow all comments to go live immediately provided there are no links in the body of the article.

The more websites that you comment on, the stronger your personal “web” becomes. If your comment creates curiosity, it may lead to a new visitor on your website!

  • Leave a comment on this article below ONLY if you plan to put your web link in the field that says website.
  • Your link will be active immediately provided you do not include a link in the comment itself.
  • Always include the http:// before the www to ensure it is an active hyperlink.

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