The Envelope Game – Online

The Envelope Game is a popular game at home parties that is sometimes called the Book It To Look game.

Almost everything you do at an offline party can be translated into an online party when you think outside the box!

The Online Envelope Game

The online envelope game takes a bit of planning but once you get it set up you can use it over and over again.

When someone books a party they get to pick an envelope and earn the gift included in it. You can have as many envelopes as you want with multiple prizes.Envelope GameRead the “Book It To Look” game for more ideas.

You will need the following pictures:

  • All the envelopes in one image with a picture of an excited YOU
  • One image for each of the different colored envelopes indicating the free gift

The plan here is that they know what the prizes are but not the envelope it is assigned to. They pick their envelope color when they date a party.

Post a update that says:

Pick one of the party days below for your fun home party and an envelope color to learn which BONUS Gift you get!!

The BOOKING Bonuses (first 3 bookings) Are:

  1. FREE shipping today and a FREE ($40 VALUE) XYZ at your party!!
  2. $10 Additional credit at your party
  3. FREE Invitation Mailing – I provide the postage and fill them out!

–>Pick Your Date:
December 3, 5, 8
January 11, 12, 18
–>Pick Your Color:
pink, green, orange

First come first serve, in the comments tell me your show date and your envelope color and I will tell you your bonus!!

Then when they pick their date and envelope color you congratulate them on that post and on a separate post with the gift they have earned based on the envelope color.envelopegame

This will create some competition and some dates may be picked twice, so you need to be on the ball, and award the winners their dates and prizes in order!

You can enhance the envelope game further by combining it with the “Pay The Date” game as well. In that case just write the dates on the outside of each envelope and the gifts on the back.


    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    When you start your games make sure everyone is clear on the rules. If they do not want to host, they can opt-out. Then just get them to pick a date at the party and host coach as if it is going to happen for sure!

    Shared by: Lisa:

    I love this game, but my problem is that you give them their discount and then you have to chase them to get the booking. THey got their prize and they don’t want to do the booking no more

    Shared by: joan schwartz:

    true just think a bit about what you do at a live party and change it up a bit for online great tips

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