Facebook Groups To Find Sales Leads

Facebook groups can be a great way to generate leads for your direct sales business.

I do not mean you should start a group.

That may be appropriate for training your sales team or marketing to customers, but what I am referring to here is joining groups that are in your niche to create new leads.

Engagement In Groups

I was asked recently to write an article on how to get better engagement in Facebook.

With the many changes in Facebook this is an ongoing challenge but worth the effort.

Honestly, I find that I get the best engagement by networking in Facebook groups or commenting on other fan pages that are in my niche.

I can then develop the relationship more and refer the lead to my business page or website.

When networking in Facebook or any other social site for that matter, remember that it is similar to offline networking.

You must add value to those you are networking with.

If you only market your business and never add value to the group then the activity will be counterproductive.

You will see a lot of distributors doing this in groups but when you choose to add value and wait for questions and comments you will be perceived as a professional and it will work for lead generation.

Search For And Join Groups On Facebook & Other Pages In Niche

Using the Facebook search tool, search for your ideal clients.
Facebook Groups

You will notice that people, fan pages, apps and groups show up.

Think outside the box….

Where would the ideal customer for you hang out online?

Just start looking for Fan pages and Facebook groups that these types of people would be socializing in and join the group, like the Fan page, and start networking!

For example if you sell:

  • Jewelry – then look for fashion
  • Food or kitchen tools – then look for cooking or dieters or Moms
  • Romance products – then look for women, sexy or maybe “love my man”
  • Clothing – of course fashion

Be creative.

Take some time once a month or so and look for new groups and Fan pages to join that are going to have people hanging out who are in your niche.

Add Value In Facebook Groups

Networking means adding value to the community.

When you visit your pages and groups periodically and add value (not just direct sales links) then people will comment and frequently give you a window of opportunity by asking for the link or asking for more information.

When in a group you are acting as yourself (your profile) so periodically you will get a chance to link to your Fan page or website.

When on a niche page you can use your business page to comment on the page so that there is always a link back to your business Fan page. Most of the time when you post on other businesses’ pages they come over and comment on yours as well!

For this reason you should “like” the page as a person and also as a business.

As you can see on this example on the left, I made a comment that was helpful to the group and created engagement.

Then a group member asked for more information and now I have permission to drop a link.
Facebook Groups

Create a regular system of posting in groups and on your own business Fan page.

Doing this strategically with your end goal in mind will increase engagement on your page as well, because your fans will be qualified people with a sincere interest in what you offer.

Don’t Spam Social Sites

Wait for permission so that you are not spamming!

This is the type of networking that works best online and offline as well!


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    I have three Direct Sales companies and ready to drop all of them bi am on disability from a job of 34 years and struggling. These companies are costing more then I am making

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