Do I Need A Facebook Page Or Group

Should you use a Facebook page or a Facebook group for business marketing?

Your Facebook profile is supposed to represent you, a person….. Every FB profile is an individual and is not meant to be a business marketing tool.

A Facebook Page Or Group?

Individual FB users can then set up a Facebook page or group.

Each is designed by FB for different purposes.

Whether you should set up a business page or a group depends on your goals and purpose.
Facebook Page Or Group
A business page is to a business, brand or public figure the way your profile is to you as a person.

You or your administrator may promote, share, add stories and updates for all to see. These will show up in the news feed of those who have liked the page.

A Page Or A Group

A group on the other hand is designed (according to Facebook) as a communication tool.

A connection venue for family, peers, teammates, co-workers or people with a shared interest.

Generally, it is all about the conversation.

The group can be secret (never shows in searches), public (may show in searches if the title is typed in – then posts are visible), or private (may show in searches if the title is typed in – then posts are not visible unless you are a member).

The group environment is to bring people together for a cause, an issue or activity of interest. It may be appropriate for a customer service aspect of your business but not for selling!

  • Many distributors hold their virtual direct sales parties in a group. This could land you in trouble with Facebook.
  • Others schedule sales events on your personal page but FB specifically forbids selling or promoting a business on your personal page. Doing so is a good way to go to FB jail or get totally banned.
  • Your business PAGE is where promotions and sales events or parties are supposed to take place! You can schedule as many as you want and not worry about getting in hot water with Facebook.

Currently, FB is experimenting with business pages admin-ing in groups, with a slow roll out and test period. I have the ability now to post in groups as my business page but the group is still designed as a conversation tool, not a selling tool.

Another great point is that your business page is Google-able meaning the content and activity can show up on Google search engines which is another great reason to stick with your business page for promoting and selling your business.

Don’t get sent to FB jail or totally banned from the social site! Think about your purpose in creating a Facebook page or group then decide which is most appropriate.

Facebook thinks it is important!
(Check out the FB help section for more info on the topic!)

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