Avoid Facebook Party Confusion!

Holding Facebook parties is quite the rage these days!

For the past few weeks I have been participating in Facebook parties in the process of creating this training video for a private client.
facebook party confusion
One thing that I have found is that most distributors are unable to overcome what I am calling Facebook Party Confusion!

Avoid Facebook Party Confusion!

After joining, watching and attending 100’s of events I have learned that the single biggest issue for a successful Facebook party is overcoming Facebook party confusion!

Facebook Party Confusion Issues:

These are the some of the issues you need to combat when holding your party:

  • How To Find The Event – This is by far the biggest challenge that people have in attempting to attend a party. Even as a determined party goer with FB savvy I often gave up trying to attend or get back to a party after leaving it once.  This is often due to the privacy settings on the party!
  • What Is Supposed To Happen – A very clear picture (post) before and during the event should tell the attendees what is supposed to happen. A very common post from attendees is: “what am I supposed to do?” or “how does this work anyway?”
  • How To Buy – The call to action needs to be clear! More than once or twice after spending 30-40 minutes in a party and deciding to place an order, I have had to send a DM to the hostess asking for a link to order??!!
  • Refresh Your Page – It seems as though FB as fixed this issue, but it won’t hurt to let people know before and during that they may have to refresh the page to see current posts!

Facebook party confusion is something that can be overcome with practice and planning.

An online scheduling tool will free you up during the event to engage with your guests. The direct sales specific service CinchShare will have your posts roll out during the party automatically.

This CinchShare coupon code [ debcinchfree ] will give you a month free instead of their normal 7 days.


    Shared by: Mandy Voyce:

    Can’t wait to watch thi whole video! Wish you had an image on this post so it was easier to add to Pinterest 🙁 Had to pin if from youtube

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Good point Mandy, I always try to do that but must have missed this one… fixed!!

    Shared by: Nane Tolson:

    Loved the workshop you did for CAHPA – we never did parties in FB before but are starting to make a plan now!

    Shared by: JoanGChandler:

    Appreciate this information. I am always looking to learn everything that can advance my business.

    Shared by: Sandy Kreps:

    I just did my first official Facebook-only party this week, and it was pretty successful. I don’t think it’s a replacement for home parties by any means, but it’s a nice supplement to home parties, vendor events, etc, and a great way to expose people outside my own geographical area to my products and opportunity. It also provides a chance for people outside my own area to host with me and earn rewards. So fun to “party” with people in 4 time zones at once!

    I am really thankful that our company did a training on Facebook parties so I could try it! The key is to have an organized outline and plan so you can post things in order on a schedule. It is hard to keep up with comments, but I think that might get easier with experience.

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Congratulations on a successful party. It sounds like Scentsy did a great job on training because your sales were higher than most that I have seen or heard of, Sandy. I mentioned in the video (kind of long) that it may be beneficial to use the FB party to promote and do what you did but then take a portion of it to a webinar service or a Google Hangout so that you can actually talk to people in real time and by actual voice. Something to play with!

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